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  1. Did you ever get it? If so how did the noise level? I am thinking about getting one for my 5800x

  2. I preferred Arctic freezer esports 34 duo. Deepcool is very heavy. And arctic performs very good + quiet as hell.

  3. I'd say its silent imo, it's currently set to turbo, and it doesn't sound like a jet engine.

  4. Thanks again. I’ve always wanted to get a liquid one but this one is even cheaper than the shittiest AIO liquid coolers. Your feedback on noise is much appreciated. 🤙🏻

  5. Is all white one for sale? 😀

  6. I know it’s not about mechanics here but my question is: Which material would be the best to make a wrist rest? Couldn’t find a different sub to direct my question. Thanks in advance. 🤙🏻

  7. Is there a YouTube link so I can share with everyone I know 🤣

  8. you wont find anyone recommending mainstream prebuilt keyboards here mate. Would be a hard no to all of them.

  9. They are poor quality and expensive.

  10. Is redragon k552 kumara Red sw is a good option?

  11. You were so excited about dicks and stuff. How did you turn out to be a nice guy? Sorry if I hurt you.

  12. Dicks and dumbass is OK and gay is not? Interesting place reddit is.

  13. Hmmm I don’t have experience with depining cables or tools, but anyway yeah you kinda have a point when it comes for white sleeves on black cables unless they’re dense enough to hide it totally

  14. Don’t do it if you don’t want to avoid warranty if your parts are new.

  15. If it’s a good quality cooler like arctic or smth, you don’t have to.

  16. Will 24cm matx fit in this case? I know it’s itx but it looks like it will fit.

  17. I don’t think so but there’s the Tower 500 that definitely would. Bigger, though, obviously

  18. Can you check the inside side-to-side length for me? :)

  19. That mess is beyond any imagination. It is simply a work of art!

  20. Those rubber parts are from the exhaust fan of the cooler. I have the same cooler. Remove it, put them back and place the fan carefully and you should be just fine.

  21. Cpu goes to cpu. Blank goes to CPU part in psu

  22. looks like as my old self-made (from shit and sticks) case for my nas -

  23. I didn ‘t have shits so I purchased them for around $5 😅

  24. I spent about $10 on buying aluminum profiles

  25. Will you let it open or cover it?

  26. Should be around 300fps in warzone. 10/10 👍🏻

  27. As I’ve seen, some people make that cable really short to hide it. But you need it plugged.

  28. Remove CPU cable(yellow/black), zip tie it, and plug in the parallel part. Also you can direct the cables from the back of the case if you have space for a better look

  29. If it is fully enclosed, and air can only get in and out through the fans then you will need to add several more fans, however, if it is vented and air has several access points to get in and back out other than the fans location than I would say maybe add 1 more exhaust for equal distribution and you should be good.

  30. Will it be ok if I use the 2nd exhaust on the right side? There is not enough room for the 2nd one up top.

  31. Yes, that would be fine, also if you were to vent the plexiglass on the side panel next to the gpu that will help it draw in fresh air and keep your gpu temps lower.

  32. Which one is better you think? 1- A vent for the gpu on the plexy 2- Exhaust on the opposite side 3- Both

  33. Why am I keep getting downvotes for this comment lol

  34. Hello everyone. Designing my 2nd build not MDF, metal this time. My question is: The sides will be all covered with plexy and I have 2 intakes from the bottom. Do you think they will be enough? I have 1 exhaust also as you see.

  35. You can even extend a custom power up button and make a little hole for it somewhere up top not to bend everytime to turn on the pc 👍🏻

  36. https://tenor.com/view/train-funny-innuendo-crack-train-tunnel-gif-13545983

  37. I think you should add mat colors to your liquid because your background of tubes are not very organized.

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