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  1. The screw holes could for mounting a gpu bracket.

  2. Big one for GPU cables, small ones not sure HDD cage?

  3. Nah. It’s not. Proly gpu mount

  4. If it’s sturdy and working, then the answer should be yes.

  5. I could’nt find the stats of the fans(dB,CFM, etc.) Can you help me? Lancool 205m mesh snow. Thx

  6. Were you using your PC at a construction site? lol

  7. Actually we can say PC is ‘everything’ and this photo is only showing “else”…

  8. Open the windows. Warm the house, cool the system.

  9. Clear under the desk. Case could be outside next to it. Put the keyboard right next to the wall to have a better space for the mouse. Make sure the monitor is on the very edge at the back. Open steam and enjoy.

  10. We need more unique builds here rather than popular cases which are all the same but only some main parts like gpu or mb are different. Nice build!

  11. Option 1= More air, more dust. Option 2= Less air, less dust.

  12. smart idea!!! where can I get the riser nuts? this is nuts! I want this case closed!

  13. Dunno the screw sizes of your case. Find some proper nuts and use 2x or 3x dunno.

  14. I forgot the side panel just slides in! no screws!

  15. You have to use your imagination to increase the connection points. Or you can make yourself a custom side panel.

  16. Did you ever get it? If so how did the noise level? I am thinking about getting one for my 5800x

  17. I preferred Arctic freezer esports 34 duo. Deepcool is very heavy. And arctic performs very good + quiet as hell.

  18. Is all white one for sale? 😀

  19. I know it’s not about mechanics here but my question is: Which material would be the best to make a wrist rest? Couldn’t find a different sub to direct my question. Thanks in advance. 🤙🏻

  20. Is there a YouTube link so I can share with everyone I know 🤣

  21. you wont find anyone recommending mainstream prebuilt keyboards here mate. Would be a hard no to all of them.

  22. They are poor quality and expensive.

  23. Is redragon k552 kumara Red sw is a good option?

  24. You were so excited about dicks and stuff. How did you turn out to be a nice guy? Sorry if I hurt you.

  25. Dicks and dumbass is OK and gay is not? Interesting place reddit is.

  26. Hmmm I don’t have experience with depining cables or tools, but anyway yeah you kinda have a point when it comes for white sleeves on black cables unless they’re dense enough to hide it totally

  27. Don’t do it if you don’t want to avoid warranty if your parts are new.

  28. If it’s a good quality cooler like arctic or smth, you don’t have to.

  29. Will 24cm matx fit in this case? I know it’s itx but it looks like it will fit.

  30. I don’t think so but there’s the Tower 500 that definitely would. Bigger, though, obviously

  31. Can you check the inside side-to-side length for me? :)

  32. That mess is beyond any imagination. It is simply a work of art!

  33. Those rubber parts are from the exhaust fan of the cooler. I have the same cooler. Remove it, put them back and place the fan carefully and you should be just fine.

  34. Cpu goes to cpu. Blank goes to CPU part in psu

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