1. It has been the day of the grounder(s)

  2. Before any of y’all get too excited about Wynns and his 1.005 OPS in AAA, he is 31 and has a career .580 OPS in the MLB

  3. nah, that .422 BABIP is completely sustainable

  4. This reads like grandpa john misty


  6. I wanna know what he said to Dubon when he came back into the dugout. Didn’t seem to be very happy at the time.

  7. Honestly just think that’s Kap’s energy. He smacked Dubi’s ass and everything, nbd

  8. Bob Melvin is going to blow a gasket

  9. Honestly thought Bregman was wearing shorts and thought, “Well that is certainly a uniform choice.”

  10. Bull Durham, Moneyball, Field of Dreams, The Natural

  11. Giants Legend Adam Duvall 🥲

  12. Josh gonna drop bars on Chloe, lfg

  13. Is this the eponymous Chloe? Tune in this Friday to find out!

  14. This should honestly be HoF worthy by itself.

  15. I’m just a little bit caught in the middle

  16. Giants got their Gray after all.

  17. I'm sure Farhan is shivering with delight at the potential prospect of acquiring an Ohtani Lite™

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