1. So what exactly is the question on the form. Does it actually ask if you have med card or does it just ask if you use MJ. Been awhile since I've bought a gun.

  2. Terpinolene seems to be the most energetic for me. Search for strains with it.

  3. I have never bothered with a scale before but I see the 2.97 reading. Is it uncommon to see such a variance in the real weight vs. The listed weight? Now I'm sort of interested in a scale. Also that looks very nice!

  4. I just weighed a 10th and it was 2.72 grams. Same batch as this. First time I've seen Buckeye Relief under weighed. Just happens sometimes I guess. Better not happen again for what were paying.

  5. I picked up Gmo Cookies and Frigid Cookies yesterday and love both. I'll be buying from them again.

  6. Lemon G used to make it up here to T-County all the time back in early 2000s! Remember it well!

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