1. Also to save a ton of time you can double up on your squad battles icon tokens. I personally did 11 German silver players (covers Germany requirement and silvers requirement at the same time) then I did 11 League Nos first owned players knocking off both “using 11 first owned” and “league NOS” requirements. 12 games of squad battles, 4 tokens acquired. Make sure to put your best players on the bench as the icon swaps only require your starting XI to match the requirements! Much easier to score and win with a subbed on 90+ rated striker over a silver German striker lol

  2. Thank you! I hate playing squad battles so I guess I'm kinda stuck. Sooooo boring.

  3. Like watching paint dry my man 😂 the only thing in the world that can get me to play squad battles is the gamble of icon swaps rewards. I slowly complete them play a game or two here and there if I’m bored out of my mind and no other friends are on. It’s not a fun experience lmao friendlies are fun though golden goal can get electric and you use players you never normally would

  4. When you say friendlies, does it have to be someone on your friends list or does it automatically match you?

  5. Usually a good idea to try it on a public charger first to make sure it's not the car.

  6. What I feel happens is when you get a new or several new shiny cards the game makes those players a little better for a while and then they play as normal. This is to incentivize people to keep getting new cards. It's very similar to cod etc, whenever I get a new gun I kill it for a while then start sucking. The game is making me want to level up to get a new gun because the one I just got all of a sudden sucks. Same concept. It's genius by game manufacturers.

  7. I can show you hours of gameplay of the game rigging me

  8. Going to take a different stance here and say that packs are utterly shitty and designed to waste your money... best use of money if you have to spend it is draft tokens... you get to play with alot of cool players... drafting is fun.... and you'll know you didn't pay to win.

  9. I tried draft last year and I could not get any wins at all. Got killed every time.

  10. Oh never mind, I see it for $49.99 on Xbox. Asking this is a great deal for someone who hasn't bought it as it comes with 4600 fifa points. Isn't that around $40-$46 alone?

  11. Go into your router and make a different name for the 5ghz or the 2.4ghz. I just have mine titled wifi name 2.4g and wifi name 5g. Then on your xbox connect to whatever one you want to choose.

  12. Couldn't figure out how to do this on orbi app or computer

  13. Thanks. I'm not understanding how to add teams at all. I created a league but don't see how to add teams. We already drafted somewhere else.

  14. If anyones interested here is my lineup heading into playoffs

  15. I've played points total in hockey. And the biggest problem is weaker teams quit early. And it ruins the entire league.

  16. That's what great about our league b you can't quit early because you'll keep losing money. In head to head leagues people quit after a few weeks of losing.

  17. Ok. So here's an important question. How much is buying? If it's small like $25-50 you are being petty. If it's a huge amount it does make a little bit of difference. Also is this his first year in the league? If not has he always paid in the past? I'm assuming he has otherwise why would he be back in the league?

  18. Well if he always paid in the past, why were you so worried? I've been commissioner in a lot of leagues and never stressed about someone not paying til the end of they had always paid in the past. I'd never dream about ranting in a public forum to a bunch of strangers asking how to handle it. There is no option but to pay him.

  19. 0ban says:

    Talk to the cat that give campaign missions in the tent. Select Preferences and then select Cross Play

  20. That's what I'm saying. I see it but can't select it.

  21. Same here. I've played the past 15 years or so a d never has this issue. Thanks for all your help

  22. i kept all my players and coins but it reset my level.

  23. Ok. Last question. How did you know to do this?

  24. I switched to my controller I had with the One X and it fixed all issues I had with pin point pitching

  25. Aren't the series s and x the same controller?

  26. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GHT4YSW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_VBDQAVWD4YV81AHY3ERQ

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