1. is fucked because of all previous mans and people! :(

  2. Sure, she did not appear out of the blue, she is the result of decades of corruption, Berlusconism, blame shifting, etc. etc.

  3. you don't know what you are speaking about :(

  4. Indeed they haven't. In my current view of Italy

  5. Protip: Always check the content of previous videos for a good idea of how credible someone is.

  6. I often watch (and sometimes post) his videos, so I know “the content of his previous videos”. I find him refreshing most of the times, and I think that he is one of the few sources that tries to give information and connect the dots at the same time.

  7. He left russia many years ago apparently, that title is annoying clickbait

  8. ‘Red matter’ superconductor may not be a wonder material after all

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