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  1. Yep, happened to me now three times in Ohio. I just won't go again. 😀💀✌️

  2. I own nine pipes; but I currently use/rotate 4 of them. The others I can’t get the right taste with no matter what. Also own 4 bongs. 😀💀✌️

  3. Wait till you go to Eastern West Virginia. 😜😁💀✌️

  4. Right there brother. I still love the TASTE of some flower out there. 😀💀✌️

  5. Just remember, no matter how one attempt goes, you can ALWAYS take another dab. 😀💀😀

  6. My sister worked at McDonald’s before they had the drive thru. That was in the 70’s, in NE Pennsylvania. 😀💀✌️

  7. I haven’t been pulled over yet, and I’ve had stickers and a plate here in Ohio for three years now. 😀💀✌️

  8. Picked this up at Herbology in Newark during their end of the year sale.

  9. Coach Chuck Noll. If he could get the Bubby Brister led Steelers to the playoffs in 1989, he could figure this team out and get them there. 😀😎💀✌️

  10. I’m actually picking up some Gelato myself after work, so I say that. 😀💀✌️

  11. “Dope” is the worst name I’ve heard it called. 😀💀✌️

  12. What does dope mean where you’re from? In atx it’s heroin

  13. The older crowd, or anyone trying to speak derogatorily about weed primarily, is who I hear say it the most. 😀💀✌️

  14. Ironic that NONE of those buildings are still around. 😀💀✌️

  15. Might be all that they have available. 🤷‍♂️💀✌️

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