1. To be fair, when I first heard that, supposedly, Santa's reindeers had to be trans in order to have antlers and be male, I expected this headcanon to pop up sooner.

  2. How so? There are nonbinary people who present binary. Like me, in real life. I factually present masc and appear male and would openly admit I appear and seem less androgynous than other nonbinary people. I don't think acknowledging that is bigoted, even if it might be rude to observe for other real people. I don't really see what directing has to do with it, that seems tangentially related at best

  3. Ah, yea, like a canon character being aroace and people still make them “lesbian” or “bi” or stuff like that!

  4. Political conditions in 1927 were different than the games timeframe, Monarchists were pretty prominent against Wisci as the monarchy was just abolished four years ago.

  5. No, there is a prequel in development, called The Conformist, Black Battalion is a faction in The Conformist.

  6. That would be too much even for the hawks in the General Staff, but what I think is possible is that the Sordish plane actually did enter Rumburkian air-space when it was downed, but generals refused to admit it.

  7. Bullshit, the Rumburgian bastards shot it and we all know that.

  8. So glad that post made its way here. One of the funniest things I've read in a while

  9. Most definitely exists, although in lower measure than Toriel or Muffet, but reddit's search engine is just fucked. You will be served by r3 and e6 more than by reddit. There are still lots of nsfw UT/DR subs around here.

  10. Oh, believe me, the results you can get on r34 and e621 are far lower than the results you can get on devinatart.

  11. Then why did you say Noelle has the same voice from the movie?

  12. Basically, what if North Korea become normal country within the international community? While its still lag behind the South, Kim Jong Nam DPRK can actually reach the Chosen dream of strong and prosperous country. Kim Jong Nam rules with dominance power but many bills are now being debated and pass via the legislature. WPK remain the ruling Party but many of its representatives are elected. North-South relation improve greatly ever since the Sunshine policy. North Korean workers can work limited time in the South. Southern tourist can access many exotic spot in the North. Most importantly, the Kaesong Industrial Region saw rapid expansion benefiting both North and South. Nam visited the South and sign an accords ending the Korean War and formulating the drafted "provisional Inter-Korean council" exploring peaceful reunification. Sino-DPRK alliance remain strong but rumor say Nam seek to improve relations with the South and to take a small distance from China. This is mainly due to supposed comment made by Nam to Chinese diplomats quote "China tell me to do this, Xi told me to do that, Go fuck your mother if you have time" end quote.

  13. So, I assume Sans violated the laws of the Three Moons Initiative.

  14. You know, for a pretty straight up tory, Tori is surprisingly accepting of people. Unlike a lot of people she doesn't just blindly hate on everyone and everything that's outside what she might know. She just accepts them for who they are and is totally chill with it. If she wasn't so good at heart Kris would've been booked in for "behavioual therapy" pretty quick. Yes, I am spiteful of how some people treat each other. I have never gotten how anyone could hate each other for just being happy as themselves. Sorry for going on a long rant about how much I hate culture wars to you, a commenter just trying to make a funny, lighthearted joke but I simply must project my frustration onto random people

  15. He said it will be a bit like "I have no mouth but I must scream", which is a very creepy and unsetteling short story about the last five humans who are tortured for all eternity by a vicious AI with a god complex (I can highly recommend it to everyone, you can also hear it on spotify)

  16. "He withdrew, murmuring 'to hell with you.' And added, brightly, 'but then you're there, aren't you.'"

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