1. This place is awesome.. oysters are amazing also. Worth the drive out there

  2. Mix other cheese, goat and feta are my regulars, into cream cheese. A little OO and chives with that.

  3. I saw it at Wegmans just in the last two weeks. I can’t recall if it was Fairmount or Auburn though.

  4. I was thinking the same thing, but I wanted to see how these would turn out first with no plain flour. The crumb was actually quite good, and crust was better than it looked, it the rise was not great. Given a lot of the whole grain flour is not gluten producing flour, I figured they’d be a bit flat!

  5. You might try bread flour instead of all purpose to get a bit more gluten in your dough.

  6. My personal favorite is Abbott’s Custard milkshakes over on Fay rd.

  7. Abbott's chocolate almond custard is the best!

  8. I'm gonna need to know what recipe you used on these bad boys.

  9. I like the hole punch technique...I get much prettier bagels that way...you just really have to stretch them to make the holes big enough.

  10. I've tried the hole method and meh. The rope seems faster and I figure I'll improve with practice.

  11. We recently fenced in our yard with welded wire fencing from Tractor Supply. It's roughly a dollar per foot with 2"x4" grid.

  12. I have raised beds, 2x10's, and I use a stirrup hoe all the time.

  13. East of you near Syracuse. Had the same thing happen to me last night. Clipped the tops off a short row of carrots too. Deer tracks in the bed. I guess a five foot fence doesn't do the trick.

  14. Looks like a little cut-worm action there too. Buggers are killing me this year.

  15. My radishes grow like that. I've blamed the clay in the soil. Upstate NY

  16. Where in Janesville was this? Looks like water lower left.

  17. I have 'Oriole' with orange stalks and there are always a few red ones.

  18. Made chains with them. Sisters made necklaces.

  19. Snow in April so not in Georgia. Just saw Canada on your name line. Just realized others in the group do that. I'll have to figure out how eh.

  20. We have many squirrels; they don't bother my garden. Fox and coyotes keep the rabbit population low; I've not seen one since three years ago. Deer however are a problem. Five foot fence for them.

  21. Fragmentary gun control in the USA does not seem to be working. Gun control as practiced on a national level in other countries does.

  22. Do a custom order through Rancourt where you can pick whichever sole you desire.

  23. How do the Rancourt loafers run? I'm a 10D in Alden trubalance and barrie. Tried a 10E Quoddy and it's unbearably tight.

  24. There are some big companies that mass produce bagels and will deliver them frozen to various bagel shops…especially in the NJ and NY.

  25. Upstate NY (Syracuse area) we have a shop that proudly advertises they bake frozen from NYC bagels. They have one storefront and supply a local coffee shop chain. It's not a bad bagel especially with an egg and cheese upon it.

  26. Look up Newfoundland and Labrador region on the map, its the best place to live.

  27. Visited Cape Breton a few Julys ago. Beautiful but you could see by the stunted conifers that the winter wind must be brutal. I like winter here.

  28. My only pair are from JPress, a collaboration with Murray's. Supposedly a little slimmer and tapered.

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