1. Not a specific role, but he figures they always need a dead guy.

  2. My girlfriend's dad has toe clips on his bike and last time we were there I borrowed his to go for a ride and did literally the exact same thing Biden did.

  3. Cheryl doesn’t get enough credit for being such a good partner to Larry lol. She tries to lighten the mood by gently laughing at what LD says 😂

  4. People always hate on Cheryl in this subreddit and I just want to shake them and be like "She was playing the straight man! That was her role and she was playing it brilliantly!"

  5. While the original comment was dumb because something is obviously going on, to assert that the Ottawa Police doesn't waste time, money, and resources to simply appear busy is equally silly to say. They definitely do all the time.

  6. Also, diversion, you're not supposed to tell which vehicle has the VIP.

  7. Most of the time the vehicle with the dignitary actually is really obvious because it will have a flag of the country on the hood. In this one the President was in one of the very first vehicles; the car that was near the front.

  8. I keep seeing people saying this is fake. What part of it is fake? Am I missing something?

  9. There's no reason you can't just link it still and those who are following would see?

  10. It's funny I'm coming across this now, because I actually made a conscious effort to do this today with the book I'm currently reading. It's from the 1800s and is filled with a lot of what I would maybe call formal old-fashioned English. I found that I was constantly looking up words or going back and rereading sentences to try to makes sense of them, and I finally came to the realization that I'm going to enjoy this much more if I just simply read it. I may not understand every word or sentence, but as long as I'm able to actually follow the story, I'll get more out of it this way rather than trying to dissect it.

  11. I was clinically dead for 16 minutes bc I drowned while my parents looking at pictures of my newborn brother. I always feel so bad for my little bro, bc I'm never able to love him even though it was my parents fault. So does this count as killing someone as it was myself bc I didn't get out the pool?

  12. I'll be honest, you were an 11 year old kid who didn't get out of the pool. It wasn't your parents fault either...

  13. Same energy as this Simpson's scene. Somehow misuses the word incorrectly but it still works.

  14. And Greg Daniels who wrote this episode also wrote that episode of The Simpsons. He has acknowledged that he was stealing his own joke.

  15. You know it's not good if a word is a combination of "dead" and PANDEMIC.

  16. This is the tiktok where Gilbert says funny things, but you can't hear it!

  17. At first glance, I thought the umbrella behind him was his wife.

  18. I reached out to her recently actually. I found everytime I looked in the mirror all I saw was a fat, ugly, old man so I asked her if she would pay me a compliment. She told me my eyesight is damn near perfect!

  19. This was the time when I think I fully realized that they were just gonna take the mick with Karl regardless for the sake of the bit.

  20. I only use Uber because DD has “too many drivers” in my area and put me on a wait list. With the amount of DD orders I see when I pick up, I would easy be making more money than Uber

  21. Same. Going on 3 years on the wait list in my city 🙄

  22. Well this was a fun way to find out that I've been quoted (without attribution) in the New York Post!

  23. Does anyone happen to know if bylaw is who I would report this to.

  24. You can call bylaw, but the election might be over by the time they send someone out. You would probably get a quicker response by actually calling the campaign office of the candidate. I actually worked on a campaign before where volunteers had inadvertently put up a sign in a location that blocked the view of traffic from one angle, and as soon as we heard about it, we moved it. Especially if you let them know that lots of people have commented on it and are not impressed, they'll get down and take care of it.

  25. It's fixed for a lot of us. Also some car drivers were affected too, and all walkers

  26. Out of curiosity, did it start working again for you on Friday?

  27. Yup. 66 bucks in 7h45m on Thursday then bam. 200 bucks in 6h30min on Friday.

  28. I also saw a a big uptick in my orders starting Friday, I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me getting lucky. Fingers crossed it stays this way.

  29. I reached out to my nearest UFCW local and the national head office after remembering that back in January there was a

  30. This is a great strategy! I might send her an email as well huet to amplify yours and make sure this is a cause taken up during their meeting.

  31. it’s been a week i been getting 1 or no orders for hours and the orders that i get seem like walking orders (less than 1km). My friend who used to work with bike but now switched to car after this issue told me he gets short distance orders that he used to do on bike(bike orders). This needs to be fixed asap since my bills are due. very frustrating since i also rent an ebike for deliveries. Im in Ottawa/Toronto

  32. Also a biker in Ottawa getting 2 to 0 orders during prime hours (5-9pm). I've read somewhere on reddit that UE messed with the way orders get assigned. I think they put bikers at a huge disadvantage in comparison to drivers to the point that even if a biker is right next to the restaurant where order is ready to be picked up, drivers who are further out get those orders on a priority basis. I have personally seen drivers going in and out of the restaurants where I literally have parked my bike next to over 30+ min waiting for an order. In the meantime, all the orders i'm getting seems to be the ones that got rejected multiple times by others (possibly drivers who presumably have priorities) because the $ per distance is insanely low, and now that the tip amount shows upfront, these orders all have no tips (probably another reason why they got dropped). If this continues, drivers will be the only couriers in the UE ecosystem, where bikers are expected to pick up crumbs that fall every hour or so if you are lucky.

  33. Yes, that's something else I've noticed, the orders that I do seem to be getting are the ones that either don't have tips or very low tips.

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