1. The Atlanta show went without a HITCH. Not a single other show had an issue like that, which is why I was absolutely shocked when people said that the TO goers behaved the way that they did. But I read multiple times on here that a large part of that is because Rogers security are absolutely useless, every show. Our security was more than competent, serious, and attentive.

  2. i mean people did crowd the barricade on the runway leading down to the moon in Atlanta.

  3. Yes I was making 90-95k a year at my high volume store before I quit. And there was plenty of other stores in the company that were doing better sales.

  4. why did you quit? Is management worth it?

  5. I got lucky off crypto and retired early. The job definately isn't for everyone. I think it's worth it if you can grind to department manager but being an assistant manager sucks ass and alot of people get stuck in that position for years.

  6. How do you get stuck as an assistant? And why does it suck? It’s it too much work for little pay?

  7. I doubt I'll meet the hours required but my SM said they can override it. Only have 2-3 months to prep for testing

  8. Exactly this, thank you. Idiots on the sub trynna gaslight me into thinking it’s my fault. This isn’t a general admission show, why is my aisle FULL of people that aren’t meant to be there while someone is standing on my chair

  9. this happened to me to both The Weeknd and Bad Bunny in Atlanta 2 days apart. I had front row seats both shows and literally had to shove people and yell like a madman to get to my seat. Not to mention people all up on my back. I wouldn’t even have been able to sit if I wanted to because theres people standing directly behind me in front of my own chair lmao

  10. I’ve been a fan of the weeknd since day one and have seen him more times than I can remember. You can really tell who the new fans are on here, it’s the weeknd, he isn’t known for surprise guest features at shows, when he tours the set is very similar regardless of city, this is just how he does things. For me it got to the point of predictability that I wasn’t planning on seeing him again, decided to go tonight because it’s a stadium. For better or worst that’s how he does things.

  11. Lol he brought Lil Uzi Vert out in Atlanta a few years ago.

  12. I prefer big endings at shows. This one kinda threw everybody off. Everybody kinda walked off with unsatisfactory looks on their faces like “that’s it? Wow it’s over”.

  13. Singing is way off. Maybe go to a professional studio and use pitch correction if you have money :)

  14. Bring the vocals out more. Can’t decipher what you saying.

  15. Sounds like you’re recording in one take. Maybe if you punch in and record line by line, you could sing with more conviction.

  16. Fire man. Super atmospheric. Maybe improve the mix and kinda bring the spacy sounds out more. Vocals are a bit too loud.

  17. The chorus slaps bro. The verses are solid too, it’s just the pre chorus is kinda sloppy when you’re just mumbling. If you can add a bit more structure and make that section more solid, you’d have a more complete track. Maybe try adding a catchy hook there.

  18. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  19. apples bananas cookies doggies everyday

  20. “The Morning”. I think the chorus is repetitive, my girl loves it though. also, Starboy is meant to be heard live for sure. The outro was so sick on the tour

  21. The transition from Crew Love to Starboy LIVE needs to be experienced by every single true Weeknd fan, period.

  22. Yeah that shit was lit. Happened as he was standing right in front of me. Core memory.

  23. Yeah it’s a pretty long track and the chorus is a bit repetitive. I have to be in the right mood/setting to listen to it.

  24. Happened to me in Atlanta. But me and the girl who’s phone he took a selfie with, started screaming and pushing like wild animals and that’s how we ended back up in our seats in row 1.

  25. So, these posts always confuse me. They’re managers my dude. That’s not really their “job”. I understand the thought process because I used to be the same way. However, it becomes easier when you accept the fact that they are managers and they are not always going to be doing jobs that they have GRS’, stock clerks, and GTLs for ya know. There is still a hierarchy they have to adhere to. The SM and ASM expect them to do manager duties. Keeping up with training, schedules, display planners, and all the other duties that help keep a grocery department healthy. I know it feels like they aren’t doing anything to help, and ya know what maybe they COULD be doing better, but when it comes down to it they are the managers, not the clerks. I hope I don’t come off wrong because as I said earlier I completely understand that mindset but it is really going to help your mental health in the long run when you accept the fact that working the HV truck isn’t what they are supposed to be doing.

  26. But shouldn’t they assist if their department is struggling instead of standing around? At least go in the office and pretend to do something instead of STANDING and giving orders. They could be helping out instead.

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