1. An autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader determined to create an ethno state. So Israel.

  2. Wrong, fascism doesn't imply dictatorship, there can be democratic fascisms. Ethnostate is also irrelevant to fascism, you can have one or the other alone. Autocracy also does not imply fascism. You need to open a history book.

  3. The world will probably not care much, but Reddit would love to see this happening. This platform has a serious problem with veiled antisemitism and no one is doing anything about it.

  4. I reported a comment that said "it's the Jews' fault that the PIJ is trying to kill them" and Reddit responded that it doesn't violate their content policy...

  5. Not Hamas, the PIJ. Israel formally stated that a couple of days ago. And yes until Gazan “leadership” stops going after Israel innocent Arab Palestinians suffer. Israel will rightfully defend itself.

  6. No, Hamas took over the Gaza strip after Israel removed all the Jews from there. The PIJ is the terrorist organization Israel is fighting with now. You got confused.

  7. I wasn’t saying Hamas doesn’t run Gaza. I was repeating Israel’s statement that the PIJ, not Hamas, launched the latest attacks on Israel.

  8. Then you didn't read the comment I was replying to.

  9. Here’s hoping it lasts… but given their history that seems unlikely

  10. So Israel invests in shelters and Iron Dome, while Hamas invested in tunnels for its own people and stored rockets in civilian basements? That would explain this very well.

  11. Unbelievable that people are actually getting paid to write those dumb ass titles.

  12. The Guardian... not exactly the best journalism.

  13. Hopefully Israel got a chance to test their new Iron Beam laser somewhere during this little dust up.

  14. Hasbara (meaning "explanation") is part of the Israeli governmental spokesman office that is responsible for explaining Israel's POV to decision makers outside of Israel. It shows the Israeli evidence, reasoning, methods of operation etc. to foreign bodies in order to explain why and how Israel does what it does.

  15. Not governmental ones. This has been discussed through and through in the war in May 2021 and the government has decided that it will not budget such a social media presence. The effects were clear, Israel lost all social media battles, but won all the political ones.

  16. But how do you know who is telling the truth though ? I dont trust either of the side. Both are lying ass fucktards.

  17. There's a video that shows that Israel is telling the truth:

  18. Ya 99% of the homemade rockets they fire don't even get out of Gaza.

  19. Again you have no idea what you're talking about. The Jihad rockets are straight up Iranian rockets that were smuggled in pieces through the Egyptian border. About 60-75% of them fall in Gaza due to bad operators. If it were 99% Israel wouldn't need Iron Dome.

  20. I'm amazed how well some of those buildings imploded. That second blue one kinda went over on the side but the first mostly appears to have gone down on footprint. Pretty impressive considering this is an air deployed bomb. I wonder if the warhead is specifically designed to collapse the building or is the impact point chosen for this feature? I know there are high penetration bombs that are designed to reach lower floors before detonating.

  21. The Israeli airforce has a special unit comprised of structural engineers, physicist, demolition experts and so on that calculates the location and power of the payloads per a given task. They can make a high-rise building fall on itself without affecting anything near it by a coordinated bombs delivery from planes that target the structural foundations.

  22. I'm surprised as well. From what I gather from comments, it's simply that the terrorist organization is called Islamic Jihad, and when Westerners see "Jihad" it triggers all the ISIS/Al-Qaida/Taliban "PTSD"s, so they say "We are fine with Israel killing these guys". Little do they know that Hamas and Hezbollah are just another variant of those. Perhaps we should rename Hamas to Jihadistic Hamas.

  23. Peace in the Middle East. God I love that rhyme. Anyways, I think that was pertaining to most moderate Muslim countries normalizing ties with Israel. I know Jordan has recently, and syria, Egypt, Lebanon.

  24. Syria normalizing relationship with Israel? Where did you get that from?

  25. At what point do the Palestinians maybe accept they aren't particularly good at this war thing and make peace?

  26. Dumb question but is Yiddish similar to the Hebrew language? I know very little about Israeli languages.

  27. Yiddish borrows words from Hebrew, but it's a lot more like German.

  28. Interesting starting point for negotiations. Wonder how it's gonna work out for them.

  29. They said in the 90's already that they will not negotiate and I'm not aware of any negotiation with them since then, so they are not planning on that.

  30. Although this report is from 2021, the situation happens often

  31. No, we would not. We are barely alive right now without a war.

  32. If Hezbollah does not survive a war, you will thrive after that.

  33. But using reservists for fighting in most countries means things are shitty.

  34. In Israel the reservists are experienced fighters that train regularly throughout the year and are used to bolster the regulars. It's not a desperation move, it's backup in case of an escalation.

  35. “Top Islamic jihad terrorist” in the title should tell you all you need to know about the state or corporate media in the US and how they’ve essentially become apartheid PR for Israel

  36. You really made a fool out of yourself due to ignorance.

  37. So where else in the checks map ever shrinking gaza strip do you expect resistance fighters to be.

  38. Can you show on a map which areas the Gaza strip lost over the years?

  39. Because they can't afford to do it themselves I suppose?

  40. Russia is helping Iran because Iran failed to launch satellites themselves several times. Russia has no problem launching satellites. Both can afford it, Iran just has not enough experience and they have technical issues.

  41. When the terrorist organization Hezbollah controls your country and cares more about Iran than Lebanon it's no wonder that the people are angry. Better if they do something about it.

  42. ummm the group most jews are afraid of are white nationalists, not muslims. especially in america and the us.

  43. They have a whole bunch of conspiracy theories about how jews control the world, the banks and the media, based on anti-semitic propoganda like the "protocols of zion"

  44. The UN Human Rights Council's Israel investigation committee has recently reiterated the "Jews control the media" one even.

  45. No, they had 3 failed attempts recently.

  46. The Jewish non-citizens have the Law of Return, which is the

  47. Which is irrelevant as that's not in any way related to the clause I quoted.

  48. I expanded on my previous answer since you didn't understand it (judging by your irrelevant response). Everything I said is 100% correct according to the lawyers who dealt with the Nation State Law while it was written until it was ratified. It does not give Jews rights that non-Jews do not get.

  49. Waiting for the UNHRC to condemn this and open investigations into this. Also waiting for the HRW and Amnesty reports. Oh wait, none of them care.

  50. Long ago during my juvenile incarceration, two inmates tried to convert me to the Baha'i World Faith. Should I have not resisted?

  51. Considering what you have just written, no, you should not have resisted.

  52. Can we do something about these intolerant shit societies? It's messed up that people who are born in these places have no choice but to live like that. Immigrating is hard, you can't just up and leave anymore compared to 100 years ago

  53. Short of invading Iran and toppling the Ayatollahs, no.

  54. You are missing the whole point. He is on the panel because he says these things. The panel was assembled in a way that Israel will be found guilty of anything they want, that's why it exists.

  55. The UNHRC will not make a panel that will not give the results that they want. You need to read about the UNURC's members and the council's relation to Israel.

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