1. Sadly yeah… accidentally squashed it once while traveling so the scroll wheel got messed up, and the main switches kept on acting crazy after many hours of CS:GO sweaty clutching

  2. Why didn't you replace the switches?

  3. The valid message being, "Give up now because Russia won't stop trying to win even if they have to nuke everyone in the world"? Is that the valid message you take from this?

  4. Yup, same shit as always, but this time the author is charging it with plenty of emotions. It's obviously made to pander.

  5. Your mental gymnastics won't change the fact that Ukrainian rocket led to Ukrainian civilians being killed. You could dance around idea that it would leave them without warmth otherwise, but any sane person would consider being cold less of an issue to being dead.

  6. Ah, a troll. I should've guessed.

  7. I actually forgot and was going through replies hahahah!

  8. At least for me it is. I wasn't even able to play a single round but now I just had a 4 hour session and temps were 78 to 85 max. I'm doing more tests so I'll let you know.

  9. And just to make sure, this is where you got it from?

  10. I respect your wisdom but fuck you all.

  11. How to make the game into a boring slog.

  12. Try dumping a bucket of water on it.

  13. I got one of these but I'm at work. Dm me in a about 7 hours to remind me when I'm off.

  14. I'll be in bed by then. Someone gave me pics through DMs though, I'll just need you to tell me whether it's akin to this:

  15. Can you send a link? I'm seeing a TON of listings, it's like aliexpress all over again.

  16. You do realize you can record a video without Internet, and I know this might sound crazy, but upload it later?

  17. But if the intent is to cut them off from their families so that they cannot communicate with them, there would be no "later" to speak of

  18. Maybe they uploaded it when they rotated? Went home? Or do you not believe that Ukraine allows soldiers to rest? There are many other way to circumvent it if they wanted, doesn’t mean the intent by the authority was never there. Unless you can prove otherwise?

  19. This video is fake. You need to know the full name of the person (first name, last name, father’s name), as well as their address and year of birth to put these info into the notification letter.

  20. At this point I'm starting to think this is a misinfo campaign for the russians.

  21. Is it only for netherite armor or can other armors also use this?

  22. It’s usable for everything but leather, even turtle shells.

  23. Usually, raw is uncompressed and lossless recorded music, and therefore it lacks compression artifacts that would lower the quality. But there are also lossless compression formats, that preserve the quality while reducing the size, and not seldom these are referred to or held for raw also. Sometimes this isn't easy to understand. So, normally raw is better!

  24. For "8 years of nonstop bombings" Donetsk looks brand new compared to Mariupol in April and Bakhmut...

  25. Not lazy devs, it's overworked, underpaid devs with super short target times.

  26. As long as Doom Eternal exists every developer has bad optimization

  27. Also warframe, the fact that game used to run on my old 2007 laptop is utterly astonishing.

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