1. I'm in between Columbus and Cleveland it's great.

  2. Getting some today anyone have input ive never tried it thinking of getting a half oz

  3. Love it by far my favorite strain still worth the year wait I'm going to stock up sat lol.

  4. Hell ya nothing up by Cleveland yet, still patiently waiting hahah

  5. I hade to go to firelands in Huron to get it.

  6. we should definitely be calling the bears, young offense who we don’t have to pay anytime soon and qb on a rookie contract so why not go out and get a LB who would fit us perfectly and fix our biggest liability last year

  7. How much does it cost to have this in my life lol.

  8. Can't wait to see them in Cleveland.

  9. Ghost monkey ghost monkey can you hear me?

  10. No Mose I call the list invalid lol. Lol I really like Oscar too tho idk if number 1 but top 5 for sure.

  11. That’s not going to do anything. What would really shift the nfl is if people stopped consuming the product but that won’t ever happen. This may soothe some peoples guilt who continue to enable the league though.

  12. Yeah I'm down to donate but also we should boycott the games against the browns.

  13. I will never pick the browns to win a game against us lol my hate for them won't allow it.

  14. Unless you really want because nothing will happen if you do.

  15. Unless you throw a football well.

  16. How would you guys feel about trading Diontae at the deadline? For me the writing is on the wall, he is saying all the right things to his credit but we can’t afford to pay him this.

  17. I think we get a 2nd round pick at worst. I also think there is a team out there willing to pay us a 1st if we hold him till someone gets hurt.

  18. I think we will hear about a trade soon.

  19. Rudolph has a much smaller sample size. Both Batch and Leftwich were starters (Lefty was a 1st round pick).

  20. And hiseman hopeful back in the day.

  21. He's a better backup QB than Landry Jones ever was, I'll tell you hwhat.

  22. Damn it hank up here with the truth.

  23. Made a third 20 team league for anyone who missed the first 2 like me lol

  24. I know I'm going to have to watch it on Hulu now.

  25. Remember that time the world was Roman.

  26. I have 4 and revelations I'm down I loved playing that with my friends

  27. That is awesome, thank you for replying! What is your Ubi Connect name?

  28. That is amazing and looks like a different game if only EA would put this much love in the game.

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