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Innocent laughter

  1. I've done that using an orbital sander and course carbide paper. 40 grit? Even with a power tool, it's slow going.

  2. 80 grit all the way to 600 grit, and it only took about an hour. Not that bad.

  3. Ouch. Orbital sander, baby. $15 at the Wart Mart.

  4. I think I might even have a sander. I just wanted to do it by hand so I had good control over how much I was taking off. For sure it was a little rough but it was worth it.

  5. Thinking about buying this one. 7 months later, would you recommend this exact water cooler?

  6. I had forgotten what my comment was about when I saw the reply. I was slightly concerned haha

  7. Not at all. The thought of a grown man crying about his son was concerning enough. Understand if weed is not a sacrifice you are willing to make

  8. Bro, I cried all yesterday and missed him so much. If that’s not okay with you, that’s your problem lmao.

  9. It's not ok. Which is why I am here to help cut costs in order to fix it

  10. You’re not here to help. You’re here to troll on the internet. This is helping though, between the movie I’m watching and this conversation I am sufficiently distracted.

  11. I highly suggest introducing each new product in one at a time. I give my new products about 2 weeks before introducing the next to make sure they won’t cause any irritation or extra acne. That way if there is a problem, I know which product to stop using.

  12. I actually have used the lactic acid already, but my wife told me to use very little and once a week to start. But I will for sure be patient with introducing the rest. And I am planning to get a sunscreen, the Sephora ones were just too expensive lol.

  13. Looks great, you can really see the difference.

  14. They aren’t complex ideas they are just funny ideas, usually a short sentence or one word.

  15. The calling was anorganic but the laugh was natural*

  16. The calling was an organ but the laugh was neutral**

  17. The calling was an oregano but the laugh was neural***

  18. The calling was Dave Franco but the laugh was plural****

  19. I was going to write this but searched “rainy” in the comments and found you already wrote it. Beat me to a great joke.

  20. Howsabout you post a pick of the insides please? I'm curious to see how the teeth held up on the old one.

  21. I’ve been a Kanye fan for years, he does something everyone hates about once a year, so this is already my life.

  22. I imagine it’s different for every author, but how do you write a book and come up with the story? I could see an author having an idea and then coming up with plot points and an ending then writing the book around the guide already set up. Or do you have an idea you start with and just let the story unfold as you write?

  23. Congrats man! Best wishes to Mom and Marshall!

  24. Just me, I wasn’t even that big. I just wanted the room lol.

  25. Congratulations and best of luck! I am also due in May!

  26. Thank you so much :) and good luck to you too.

  27. One sniff of his breath and you just might die.

  28. Its terrible that you're willing to pay into a system that abuses its workers for get this.... A COOKIE. Since you are someone who has been DIRECTLY affected by these kinds of practices, you would think you wouldn't want to support a company like this.

  29. Shutting down a company to move it isn’t abuse. It sucks for those people and I truly feel bad for anyone that loses their job because of a companies decision but that is not abuse. You have the right to move out of your house, and companies have the right to move their place of operation.

  30. It's wrong. Enjoy the tears of all those who lost their jobs because Nabisco decided to move during of the middle of a pandemic when their profits have been already soaring. Happy V day, jerk.

  31. Thank you, I will enjoy them. Happy V day to you too :)

  32. Awesome!!! I got mine done 14 months ago and I’m just now able to sleep on it comfortably. It was a pretty painful piercing, but I love it. My dad and I got ours together which was a lot of fun. Good luck on your healing journey.

  33. Do you guys know of a reputable shop to buy piercings from? Mine isn’t healing so well I’ve had it for three years

  34. I buy all my stuff from you can really narrow down exactly what you need. And they have every brand/material/design you could dream of.

  35. I’ve probably smoked as much cat hair as weed.

  36. Beautiful. Yes, I've had a smaller red Santa Cruz Shredder for probably 8 years or so. Since no iso to be found lately, I thought I'd try soaking it in Purple Power like I do with my glass. Well turns out I didn't know that Purple Power can literally melt the anodizing right off the grinder. Don't really trust using it now so time for an upgrade.

  37. That’s so funny, I had to use an old photo because the cleaner I used has turned it into a matte ugly purple. My birthday is coming up, maybe I’ll treat myself haha.

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