AITA for asking for a morning off from my baby on the weekends?

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  1. You don't. You actually might be able to find a serialized 80% lower at a gun store but most of what I know moved their inventory out of state due to cali being absolute garbage. Also to make a build compliant your pistol would end up having to be bolt action. Take a moment and look up cali compliant 80% pistols. Dont bother until you can relocate to a different state.

  2. So guess we’re the only two heathens in CA lol

  3. Ah nice. I have a fury druid, haven't Pvp'd with him yet though. Doubt he is geared enough for it

  4. There's all sorts of traditions. Family being together, the Yule log, decorating the tree, mead and beer, songs, ham, giving thanks to family members (usually ancestors), giving thanks and offerings to the gods, and more.

  5. Maybe I'm wrong but is there anything in Norse history about the yule log? I was under the belief that was added in later from Christian sources.

  6. Wpuld that work on a Fury druid as well?

  7. My fury druid uses a eth giant thresher and slaughters everything here comes across.

  8. YTA. Let her sleep. My daughter turned 1 recently and from the moment she was off my wife's boob and on a bottle I handled every night time thing. You weren't the one to carry the child and deal with the physical and emotional shit that goes with it, you didn't give birth, and you didn't deal with chafed nipples while breast feeding. Time to DAD THE FUCK UP, and take care if your wife and child. Yeah its exhausting and often thankless, welcome to being a Dad. Fix your shit.

  9. Absolutely this. Send prayers any way you can and give what you can, that doesn't mean "everything you possibly can " but what you are able to at each time.

  10. Cheers, I thought it was around that, just didn't want to rip anyone (or myself) off

  11. grief on tesla / aura pally will no longer be BIS after 2.5

  12. That's what I was thinking but that's what he has claimed on multiple occasions.

  13. PDs are not personal documents (i.e., are not specific to the person filling the position, do not contain PII, etc.) so are available to anyone. Just go to the HR POC to request it. (I’m a GS-15 with 20 years of Federal civilian service.)

  14. So max Sockets for this axe is 4 which is perfect for oath. If it offered 6 I would have made a botd lol. My fury druid is currently using a ebotd in a sup giant thresher and steam rolls everything he comes across. Hence why I'm selling this, dont really need it :/

  15. Unfortunately axes in this game are almost all useless other than nagas and berzerker axes

  16. I remember this being the tits for an oath back in the day for fury druids that couldn't afford grief or botd. Had a guy willing to pay vex but he was on a different platform :/ so that didn't work

  17. I'd trade for this if it's for sale. Vex?

  18. Look at the bright side. You're the only one owner of crystal sword grief on entire isn't that exciting!?

  19. Well while I hope nobody else has done this I would bet that someone has made this mistake and just didn't publish it.

  20. Ur only losing 26 min dmg and 16ish max dmg. This will kill just fine. Just have to repair a lot lol

  21. I bought one of these off a guy on psn too... that's as bad lol! And I paid full price for a PB !

  22. Let me know ladder or non, I'll see what I can do for ya. Might have one laying around and if not 8 can farm up some keys and find ya one

  23. Non ladder and I'm pc, playstation and switch

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