1. It's not a bad story. It's a sketch. An artist doesn't produce a fully finished painting all in one go. First, there are sketches and studies, many of them discarded. Then early brush strokes defining the base composition. And so on. Writing is pretty much like that. You slowly refine writing over time. It doesn't just come out glorious.

  2. But what if by thinking it's a sketch it loses its ability to be anything more? Everytime I think like this, my writing quality drops. Let's say, on a general scale, my writing quality was 4/10 when I thought I was writing a good story. And then I think, I don't have to write a good story. It's just a rough draft. Just write down what happens. And suddenly I lose my will to work hard at it and my writing quality is 1/10. Why? Because it's rough. So do whatever, right? But then it's not a story. It's just another outline and stories aren't outlines. There has to be sentences in them, paragraphs, scenes not just what happens written haphazardly in a document.

  3. The problem isn't choosing one of them. I happily choose finishing a rough draft over never finishing. The problem is, once I do that, I lose all motivation to write that story. It starts looking like garbage to me. It makes me feel incompetent, like what am I even doing this is not for me just study and get a job and die of old age who cares about writing anyway. But I do. And I can't stop writing and then I start another story and the cycle continues.

  4. The best one is Sympathy for Lady Vengence, IMO

  5. Check the scene again. When she's walking away, there's a tapping sound. She keeps it back in it's place. They "recalled"/dropped the same bullet.

  6. The authors from the Writing Excuses Podcast did an anthology called Shadows Beneath that includes the entire process of writing each of the short stories in the anthology from brainstorming the original idea to the final draft. I highly recommend it.

  7. Could you please tell me the episode and season, if you remember? I searched but can't find it.

  8. Biggest reason is that there's no story. I'm satisfied with my prose, I know I'm gonna improve as I write more words and scenes. But that's where it stops. At scenes. I write good, vivid scenes. They're not amazing satisfactory to me rn. But there's no story. I'm really struggling with character development and taking the plot somewhere.

  9. How to win friends and influence people first. It's the easiest to grasp and implement. The ideas are simple and explained throughly. It will take time for them to become habits however and you'll fail many times while implementing them.

  10. Normal People. A lot of people like it, many hate it as well. I just finished it, really liked it. I can't say for sure it comes under the coming of age genre but it came to mind.

  11. The title is a bit confusing. Do you mean the Burning movie or The Dinner movie because neither was released in 2019 lol. Pretty close though Burning came out in 2018 and Dinner came out in 17.

  12. The Three Body Problem is an amazing Sci-Fi with a really good plot. Characters are a bit weak but the plot more than makes up for that.

  13. The Three Body Problem. I'm halfway through but it's one of the best Sci-Fi books about aliens/invasion*.* Also Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer and Story Of Your Life by Ted Chiang. Just to be clear, among these only Annihilation has the horror element, others are more pure Sci-Fi with lots of scientific aspects.

  14. Nobody going to mention Cathy Ames from East Of Eden?

  15. I advise starting with characterization and plot structure. Sentence level expertise is well and good, but technically perfect sentences don’t necessarily make a good story. Of course a good story can’t save bad sentences either, so both are necessary. I recommend starting with the high level, macro stuff, then work your way down from there.

  16. I understand. So would it be logical to go in the order you listed and read about that particular element, let's suppose character, from every book that I have. And then move on to the next element.

  17. WHY oh god WHY DID THEY BRING BACK THE open replies from the bottom 3 replies at a time system WHY!!!!! They had it so good when they changed it to finally open from the top, they had 0, nada, ZILCH reasons for them to bring back their abhorrent reply system and I’m ranting because I want to know if I’m not alone in this sentiment

  18. Not alone i just noticed and it fucked my brain

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  20. This is a funny project. Just to bring a smile on their face :)

  21. Man it's sad seeing all these downvotes. Doesn't matter I like it. Maybe also try making one that doesn't allow you to copy code from anywhere. It'll be a fun prank project if you're able to get it on someone's pc.

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