1. lady is drunk as hell trying to dance for these people

  2. OP, I just need you to know I have successfully used this on two out of three kids plus a couple of friends and I cannot stop laughing at their reactions.

  3. Shit, Op knows how to get that reddit karma

  4. Because people spend half hours on the toilet watching on their cellphone.

  5. monarch is a very balanced one that has good sustainability and damage if you can learn her well. she’s a little weird to get used to since her core isn’t a damage core, rather an upgrading one, but I love her style

  6. How about the Serpents? Maybe not a classical boss, but I've felt sorry for killing it so easily.

  7. No, you are blind. This is clearly the 9-3-7-1-5 Bloonchipper, obviously.

  8. highkey didn’t know which was which for a second there since I could tell is KRATOS meant it was the actual kratos or your remake

  9. gael breaks the 1-10 scale by being an 11/10 boss. top tier shit right there.

  10. that PK aim was cracked asf. and don’t even get me started on your movement

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