1. Childish Gambino’s Awaken My Love album. Especially the songs Zombies and Terrified

  2. Yea we don’t have any rivers here and I live in a small town, so there isn’t any nature in the area. But we’ll prob vibe in the garden haha

  3. Go see and dietitian and a personal trainer. I was once from overweight to anorexic to being healthy and in shape. Ever since I started living healthy I was more happy than ever. Definitely worth it. It’s not easy but it is worth it. It’s all about discipline. Good luck!

  4. I like to wait around 3 months till my next trip. Sometimes even longer than that.

  5. That’s been debunked a long time ago

  6. Well I don’t know so that’s why I am asking lol

  7. Nope it's perfectly fine, would suggest buying egg White though and doing 1 egg to 100g of egg White for more protein

  8. The problem with heroine is is that you’re instantly addicted. The addiction becomes so bad that you’re willing to give up everything for this substance..everything: friends, family, your home, your pet, your work, everything. Is it really worth it?

  9. I totally understand what you mean. It fucking sucks. But say what you want to say, maybe the shaking will stop eventually.

  10. I went to one 2 years ago. It was a weird but nice place. First few weeks were awful. Eventually i started knowing the people better and made new friends. The group sessions and therapy sessions with my therapist really helped me

  11. Yes! Please seek for professional mental help if you’re struggling with mental illnesses or crisises. Take care of yourself <3

  12. Go to a small independent coffee/tea shop. They usually have cute mugs and delicious bags of coffee beans.

  13. should hollow knight even be playable on the mac? I know Mac PC’s aren’t great for gaming..

  14. It’s hollow knight though.. not exactly the most visually or system taxing game out there

  15. Maybe try to look for the small things. I used to struggle with this too. It helped me to write down small things like; getting out of bed, eating something, opening my curtains, bright sunny days. It sounds cheeky but eventually it helped me. Hopefully it helps for you too. Stay strong, you are loved

  16. Kingdoms Edge, i just dont like it there, oh and primal aspids.

  17. yes, yes you may, what do you think of Denmark van Gogh/Gone?

  18. Ahh another solid one. The strings in that one are awesome. I think We Found God in a Tomato might be my favorite one from them though

  19. Same! I might go to a concert of them if covid wont fuck around here

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