1. Stands for creative guidance scale and steps settings.

  2. Prompt: Photo of a brown Cow with long hair that looks like ((Alf)) in the 90s | Steps: 20, Sampler: Euler a, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 3802499311, Size: 832x512, Model hash: 7460a6fa, Denoising strength: 0.9, Mask blur: 4

  3. only 20 steps too, what does it look like at higher?

  4. This PS carrot has been dangled for months - if it isn't open and available then I'm not interested. Plenty of frontends are able to achieve the basic features and you can already freely use SD in gimp and other PS competitors.

  5. Same. I was hyped when I saw the presentation a few weeks ago, but I want a solution that is free, open source and usable offline with my own hardware. And there is no doubt that this will come in the near future.

  6. I'm happy that this workaround exists but the title/thumbnail is kinda misleading. Its not going to "run on any system" and also "no GPU required" is wrong. I need a google account and use a cloud based GPU that Alphabet provides. You make it sound like i could run it locally with my CPU although nothing of my local hardware is supported by it.

  7. I finally figured something out! Turns out I wasn't the problem after all. Something did break the newer master branch, for me at least, not sure if it effects everyone. I installed one of the old forks from a couple weeks ago that uses Basicsr 1.3.5 and it installed perfectly! But any of the forks that use Basicsr 1.4.2 are a no go for me. I really hope they fix it, because right now I'm stuck with the build I have. I opened an issue report over on Github, hopefully they'll see it. Thanks again for your help!

  8. Only the picture of Greg was placed in PS. It was virtually impossible to get SD to paint him. It always ended up with a figure by Greg, not of Greg.

  9. Ultra realistic photo in full size of a beautiful girl with short flowy skirt, ultra realistic photo, art by artgerm and greg rutkowski, amazing natural skin tone, 4k textures, soft cinematic light, adobe lightroom, photolab, hdr, intricate, elegant, highly detailed, sharp focus

  10. Umm.. but you are not OP or did you login from another account? Also you posted no input/output images for reference. Do you need tips for realistic text2img?

  11. I wanted your help as well; strangely enough, even with artgerm/rutkowski tokens, I still get some good realistic depictions from time to time; what face restoration model you use? what about the rest of the parameters? thanks in advance

  12. I see. I edited seed, steps and cgs after the prompt. For facefixing i used Codeformer.

  13. I know, but thank you, I'm getting better at it... I get nervous.

  14. No problem. Maybe it would help if you write a script and reading it + dubbing it over the video after you record it. I personally think a tutorial like this should be shorter, maybe like 3 min.

  15. Und, bist du im Hauptbahnhof München in den Flughafen eingestiegen?

  16. zehn Minuten, ohne, dass Sie am Flughafen noch einchecken müssen,

  17. Everyday we stray further away from Greg Rutkowski

  18. great concept! a whole new level of youtube clickbait is on the way.

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