1. Right there with you, but I’ve been waiting 7 days for another legendary team bounty. Ridiculous.

  2. that’s pretty good. i’m at 134/40, 21/30 lol. still so far 😂

  3. You even got the dust to go 180->181? How much is it?

  4. Add me as a friend on the game Camelø From there you’ll go to your friends list, click on me, and send me the corns. You will get what you need for spending on the rewards by sending them

  5. just click on any of your friend’s profile and send them the cornucopias

  6. stuck at 15-38. level 101. spent 1$. 2months+

  7. I currently gave my Brutus Dura's Blade as it has pretty good synergy since the user gains attack every 3s and Brutus tends to live the longest.

  8. ahh i still don’t have dura’s chalice ;~; is eye good enough for the time being(shemira)? or is grace better? thanks a bunch btw! :D

  9. Im using duras eye 90% of the time on my shemira and im at 17-28 so it somehow works :).

  10. spongebob squarepants reference 🤣

  11. lmaooo i legitly choked on my smoothie reading this. gotta. have. that. Estrilda 😂 planktons unite!

  12. i find lucius the hardest hero to get lol. been playing for 2 months+ and i’ve never pulled him. i only have the two free copies from global launch and easter event 😂

  13. i gotchu fam. i’m stuck at 15-7 for a few days now

  14. 161 shemira help me breezes through ch12 too lol. now i’m stuck at 13-12. and like you my friend, i’m having troubles with divine realm too 🤧

  15. i got 10k challenger tokens from fighting this guy

  16. surprisingly, it has lol. tho i think i’ve used up all of my luck for the next 10 years ;~;

  17. Rank 19 at the moment. I didn't do shit today because I was busy the whole day with the fifa fan fest thingy lmao. Proud of myself because my highest rank last year was 14 🤣

  18. Stealthy Lutari which I zapped on my side. I'm sad because I can't transfer him :(

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