What will it take for it to stop mass shootings in America?

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  1. This is like when a child is abused severely and grows up to be an even bigger monster than it's abusers.......

  2. Laws won't stop evil..we've tried. Best thing o do is be able to defend yourself against those type of people

  3. NTA you're a great dad. Her dying doesn't excuse saying something like that.. it messed up enough for her to think that deep I side, but to say it in front of your son and show an obvious favoritism to her "real" grandbaby...she don't deserve to be around them if that's how she's going to behave

  4. Hi is your military equal to or better than ours, do you have nuclear weapons that can wipe the world out.... we'd like to go to war with you. All of you at the same time Signed our dumb ass politicians

  5. Oh and by the way we are shutting down the gas and food..

  6. Ukrainian women admits the war probably have more access to formula than American women right now.....

  7. Y'all on the verge of starting WW3 and your worried about tracking what people buy.

  8. I couldn't imagine how uncomfortable they have to be with their skin like that. It probably itches and burns all the time..glad people out there helped

  9. NTA. Instead of planning his own surprise, he basically tried to take over the nice thing you had planned.

  10. He didn't know how to cook t..if he truly wanted to help..he could have helped her when she got home

  11. Haha I seen this as soon as I opened reddit and thought it was my messages..I'm like thick count..what did I say .hahaha

  12. The billboard is a bit much, but why do we mutilate baby boys? It's seems like a pretty messed up thing to do. I'm not sure if I had a son, I would have had it done. That skin is there for a reason, why have we decided it's ok to just cut bits off...

  13. Girl: how tall are you... I don't like being bigger than my man Guy: how much do you weigh...I dont like you being bigger than me It's honestly for the same reason hahah

  14. If you are caught stealing food you should be given help not punishment... they're stealing electronics that's one thing...but how can we let people go hungry when we all waste so much food...let them have it.

  15. Most people don't steal food. They steal a few valuable items then sells them for food money, because when you steal less items you are less likely to get caught.

  16. Never thought about it like that, but your probably right for some of them... stealing one phone will pay for a cart of groceries vs stealing the cart of groceries. I'll probably get downvoted for agreeing to an extent. Lol

  17. What's more disgusting than the crime is the two people who walked by and did nothing.

  18. Can't over buy toilet paper but formula get as much as you want..shame on target and the other stores for even allowing people to buy more than one

  19. Cool video, but you got a downvote for touching them..

  20. Why do all these people look like someone the joker broke free from a mental institution

  21. Whoever the driver is better not be a driver anymore that's just wrong

  22. It was a sub and since been fired....but this is still so wrong...I'm just glad that kid recognized his friends house. Who knows what could have happened if he wandered off to look by himself. Poor thing was terrified.

  23. Ukrainian kids making Molotov cocktails instead of being evacuated is great and heroic..but Russian marching pathetic...

  24. My cabinet door would turn off my air freshener..the door lined up perfectly with the switch...this is much more dangerous

  25. Why do the girl fights always have some random girl sitting on the bathroom floor.

  26. There's all these products their people want that we wont sell them..... they'll make it themselves...that will really hurt their economy

  27. Probably just someone being nice..I wouldn't eat it though...maybe it's not.aybe you pissed someone off and it's has something nasty in it....chances of it being magic cupcake is slim..drugs are expensive

  28. I wouldn't kill George, but he's too big to be in the house..holy crap. Lol I do like spiders..but not in the house (other than the small house spiders in the corners)

  29. Women: please stop using anorexic models as your ideal representation of sets a really unhealthy body standard for women o achieve

  30. They dehydrated because it causes thousands of microscopic cuts into their that better hehe

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