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  1. If it drops more I am starting a position but the 10$ resistance seems to be there

  2. Only I send offers out and I never allow counteroffers. I don’t have time to manage negotiations.

  3. Why do Russian tank operators hate Christmas?

  4. Can't be too precise, I doubt nuclear weapons were designed to hit within meters...

  5. Here in Canada we have a Santa letter program and we’re never to return for postage due. Most letters do have postage but probably at least 20% do not. They consider all postage to be donations for the program.

  6. Thanks for bringing attention to it. Got some at the right moment

  7. No problem. I have had this one on my watch list for the past 4 months and when It tanked I got trigger shy and watched the story unfold from afar.

  8. min shareholder yield 4%, min avg dividend increase 2%, PE less 30, min 5 year return 25%, min avg revenue increase 1%

  9. Microcap do microcap things… this is the lesson I learned with Andrew Peller. Even if the company is doing “okay” the stock takes a dump and is somewhat illiquid.

  10. Don’t blindly build a large position in a microcap even if the metrics look good and you like the company.

  11. These stock might* offer a return better than the market from this point forward but they are not likely to ever recover to a level that will satisfy those who bought in 2021. They could also go to zero. Forget what you paid for them, sell them and on rebuy them only if you think they are a good buy today.

  12. On est dans la marde au QC. L’entrepôt se retrouve à Montréal?

  13. Job market is extremely tight for all warehouses at the moment. I don’t see this as a sign of weakness.

  14. Right there with ya, SU is 10% of my portfolio. I've sold around half of my position which was purchased in the fall of 2020. As soon as it hits $50 im smashing that sell button. Its done very well for me so it feels like an old buddy in my portfolio

  15. Your balls and brain are ALL-GONE, quin toe

  16. I had a very small starter position that I was down a lot on. Held my nose and added when it it was very beat up and I am glad I did. Still a small position (1.5%)

  17. 1 - Whole life is a scam. 2 - You are 21 unmarried with no kids you need just enough coverage to cover funeral expenses.

  18. If a buyer leaves a negative feedback for shipping time and your item was delivered before the advertised day, automatically eBay will remove the neg feedback

  19. Until your TFSA is maxed out, it doesn’t make sense to invest in an unregistered account.

  20. Sorry, I was unable to complete the full thought as I was limited by the amount of characters. Here is what I wanted to understand; at the time of the in kind transfer of the shares from the Margin to TFSA, the shares are considered to be sold in the Margin account. Since I had the shares for less than one year before selling them, with a capital gain of approx. $150 through appreciation (no dividends/DRIP shares were accrued), am I looking at a capital gain tax on that $150, or am I going to be taxed on the entire principle I put into the purchase of the shares.

  21. I am no expert but I would guess you would be taxed on the gains only and on the dividends received during ownership it it were the case.

  22. Yes, with the coilovers I added, no room for the broncbuster clamp. Also shown, the DV8 Lower Control Arm skidplates.

  23. How has this building never been hit by ruzzian missiles? Has it been targeted?

  24. Enculer des mouches “wasting time on minor inconsequential details”

  25. The French title says deaths not casualties. That suggests 0 medical care for wounded. Like not even Tylenol.

  26. You are correct, the survivors were severely wounded so it’s 99% death rate and 100% casualty rate.

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