1. Unless they didn’t do the targeted poisoning in the store. They did that one to a bottle that was already purchased by the victim. And then poisoned others in the store.

  2. Right, which would likely mean someone they had access to the home of--likely a romantic partner or family member.

  3. Is this the origin of those “my mom sold me to one direction” fanfics?

  4. That or Ted Nugent, who did a similar thing with Pele Massa. Or Prince, who did a similar thing with Mayte Garcia (well, she claims they didn't have sex until she was 19).

  5. Vintage tea: Highly unsubstantiated rumours floated for decades that P.J. O'Rourke's then wife (and granddaughter of Lena Horne) Amy Lumet,

  6. McCain was a serial cheater so wouldn't be surprising.

  7. the only other one was (i think) no longer a secret at this point - aaron schock. also, a friend worked at SCOTUS and clarence thomas isn’t permitted to have any female aides.

  8. How many people has this conflict killed this century? Eight?

  9. How many people have died in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in the last decade? Vs. how many people died in, say, the Syrian or Yemeni Civil Wars? And yet you hear a lot more bellyaching about I/P than either of those. I don't hear many people saying boo about Azerbaijan illegally blockading Karabakh, yet that's a brazen invasion in violation of peace agreements from the last war. The consequences could easily be more than 150 deaths. And when's the last time you heard an American talking about the fatalities of the Second Congo War?

  10. How much direct US influence are in those wars? People do complain about our support to Saudi Arabia so that seems to be consistent. I/P being a forever war situation with fairly consistent fighting and death occurring.

  11. In Syria and Yemen? Until recently, quite a bit. US troops are still in Syria, after all.

  12. The goal of it is what gets me. Obviously it's not visual recon of the site, satellites are much better at that. Sensor equipment potentially, but again it's not especially stealthy so the military can jam and generally turn off any special signals being sent. Maybe Xi is just doing it to cause an incident and make us look weak by blatantly violating our airspace and watch our government do nothing.

  13. Retaliatory provocation for the US getting additional access to bases in the Philippines? Reminding the US they aren't friendly to see if Blinken will still go there and try to make nicer than the last few years?

  14. Yeah I mean I doubt China is delighted about the news of the US increasing its access to bases in the Philippines.

  15. It does though. Marxism is an ideology founded on genocide and harming others. If we are going to teach things like that, it should be in its proper context. If you treat the topics we mentioned before with the same grace as you want to teach something as vile of Mein Kampf, then fair enough, I'd agree to that.

  16. Yeah all of that seems like a bad idea to teach, unless its in the context of its place in history.

  17. That's exactly why I support teaching Marxism though. It has been incredibly influential on so many things in Black history and wider US history in general. I mean we just had a White House chief strategist a few years ago who described himself as a right-wing Leninist. How will anyone know what that means unless they're taught? Teaching about an ideology, whether that be Marxism or fascism or conservativism or nationalism or socialism or anarchism, isn't automatically endorsing it. Knowledge is power.

  18. Article in favor of legalizing psychadelics, but mandating the use of a licensed guide.

  19. New York Magazine had an interesting (and admittedly very biased) podcast about people's negative experiences with psychedelic therapists. Lots of sexual inappropriateness. Called Cover Story: Power Trip. Anyway, it really made me second-guess the idea I'd ever want to give any therapist that much power over me as a form of trauma therapy. Personally, after hearing those stories, I just don't think I could.

  20. Russia did not give a shit about Brexit. Brexit or no Brexit, once Putin had Belarus under his thumb, he was going to make a broader play for all of Ukraine or barring that, as much as he could bite off.

  21. No. Biden renewed the treaty. Are you thinking of the INF Treaty and the Treaty on Open Skies? Russia's non-compliance with both was well-documented so it was one of the few rational foreign policy decisions from the Trump administration.

  22. Infuriating. Their claim that this is not political is ridiculous and not in any way credible.

  23. You can thank Bill Clinton for deporting Elian Gonazlez for that.

  24. Cuban Americans leaned right long before that. (And also, actually, after the repatriation of Elián, there was a period of more moderate voices prevailing among Cuban American activist groups, which made it possible for Congress to pass a lae allowing certain agricultural goods exportable to Cuba.)

  25. 300,000 stopped at the border in the last two years. Even assuming 50,000 of those are re-attempted entries, from a country of ten million people that's a ton. More than Mariel, more than the balsero crisis. Tons of Cubans, especially the young, are leaving.

  26. It's very uncommon (and to be clear, I'm staunchly pro-choice), but the example most often used is Kermit Gosnell. Of course, what Gosnell was doing was already illegal and unethical in multiple domains. He was prescribing huge numbers of opioids, not staffing or caring enough about his patients to call an ambulance for medical emergencies resulting from his illegal abortions, and extreme unsanitary conditions.

  27. Never forget the fact that both Alaska senators wanted a signficant federal presence on Alaska's massive sea borders because two men fled Russia by sea over extremely dangerous waters.

  28. African immigrants often do quite well too. Many immigrants from all over do, at least until they fall for being victims.

  29. There's just not a lot of settled science currently that says puberty blockers are dangerous and have severely negative permanent consequences. Yes, they have side effects, but they have been used to treat precocious puberty for decades without major incident.

  30. I fully believe in puberty blockers after 16 if you have sign offs and diagnosed properly and once you hit 18 you do what you want.

  31. But after sixteen, the majority of people on them will already have gone through puberty as the gender they are trying to avoid. Especially biological girls--puberty begins far earlier than sixteen.

  32. Is that the modern version of the protocols of zion? Some more conspiracy shit I assume.

  33. Same idea but with the antisemitism slightly more covert.

  34. Don't forget he's a NIMBY. Goes with the "privileged asshole" but worth mentioning.

  35. Truly one of the laziest and least-informed public researchers of our time. A girlboss for the ages

  36. Never will forget her writing a whole book about the criminalization of love only for one of its central claims about gay people being executed in the Middle Ages to be immediately discredited, and then releasing a revised version that caused accusations of Wolf conflating charges of sexual abuse against children and animals with gay sex.

  37. It's becoming common in Korea. Older woman--younger man couples. You can see dramas from the late 2010's follow this trend.

  38. Does a one-year age difference really qualify as "older woman/younger man"?

  39. God forbid the city update a 100-year-old staircase that served as a meeting point for Soviet spies sixty years ago. Also catching a bus is probably 10-20x more time-consuming than taking a ramp in a motorized wheelchair.

  40. It's the Rolling Stone. There's a black mark on their record for reporting on sexual assaults, as they

  41. Definitely worth considering, although that doesn't discredit this story, which is a somewhat different situation. IIRC, "Jackie" had no corroboration of most of her claims and when the most basic amount of due diligence was done, her story fell apart.

  42. The women in this article describe the behavior as very violent, to the extent that one woman had to have dental work done. While I don't dispute that many if not most rapes do not leave a visible mark, many of this man's accusers ought to have had them.

  43. How come it's mail only? Not worth pharmacies carrying it? And everyone has to sign at the pharmacy for their prescription, I have to show my ID as well so that's nothing out of the ordinary

  44. Could be Desoxyn, which is literally prescription methamphetamine. Usually it is treated as a drug for ADHD used only after other drugs have failed so probably isn't often carried in stores.

  45. Genuinely curious, where do you live that you can get controlled substance prescriptions by mail?

  46. Anywhere in the US will work if you have insurance that covers a mail-order pharmacy, although someone is supposed to sign for it. It takes forever to get a new RX though.

  47. No, it's highly unlikely that it will. Probably more risk to him personally if he had refused to change course on Zero COVID.

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