1. It’s frustrating to see how complacent Paul and Morgan were. I think they put their trust in the wrong person, but their lack of common sense is also nuts. Any lay person should realize that a homebirth at 41 weeks with no active labor 24 hours+ after waters break is very dangerous, and a quick Google would have revealed how dangerous castor oil is. They’re lucky this wasn’t worse.

  2. It's disturbing how that can happen. There's a YouTube channel called discussion of birth and women have told their homebirth stories in which their babies have died. One stuck with me, a baby girl was born, I guess hypotonic, she wouldn't latch so she wasn't eating and was just sleeping. The mother called the midwife but the midwife said to just let her sleep and that the mom should also just sleep.

  3. It's nice how you all decided to completely miss the point just because you like the idea of Brendan Fraser comeback.

  4. Something similar happened in the thread about black English actors being preferred over black American actors in Hollywood. A black American actress actually commented on it and was heavily downvoted. People were focusing on the idea that actors can act so it doesn't matter the background they have. While the entire crux of the issue was that black American actors are constantly overlooked.

  5. I think a lot of people in this comment section are focusing on the fat suit and not the fact that queer roles are still going to straight actors when queer actors exist, and are just as talented.

  6. Exactly! Why is the sub being so dense about this? The complaint is entirely about queer actors. The last couple of paragraphs reflect it.

  7. I had an unmedicated vaginal hospital birth which felt like the best of both worlds. I wanted to be respected with low intervention if possible but really wanted my baby to arrive at the most equipped place possible.

  8. An an ECE teacher and parent- I rate it highly, as a long term parenting technique it is also very effective to support children's communication, social and emotional development. In media- is is often confused with permissive parenting (Laissez-faire) which it really isn't. Done well, it is known as authoritative parenting

  9. https://www.tiktok.com/@berdievgabinii/video/7132628745806023979?is_from_webapp=v1&item_id=7132628745806023979

  10. The good place? No es muy conocida pero es muy buena

  11. Yo compro la línea freezer de 250 calorías acá

  12. cómo vienen empacadas? cuántas te caben en el freezer digamos?

  13. I think this is possible too! The "lactation prevents pregnancy" myth is pretty common and believed by folks smarter and more responsible than Porgan so it wouldnt surprise me if she gets pregnant right away this time

  14. Lactation works as contraception at first when breastfeeding is truly on demand, which is uncommon. Like, no bottles, breast at night cosleeping type of breastfeeding. I triple fed and combo fed early in newborn days and got my period three months after giving birth. Definitely disappointed I was not told that and suspect not many OBs know that.

  15. I'm starting to wonder if part of the difficulty is envisioning people in three dimensions. There's a lot of different facets that can cause cloth to fall on people differently. Trying to dissect down to individual body parts and predict that, especially in two dimensions, gets confusing.

  16. he is adamant that the drawing in which you notice your accomodation is front view.

  17. Miles de veces me traje cosas por currier y edité la factura para que estuviese dentro de los 200USD. Incluso he traído productos que se consideran “ilegales” como cosméticos, etc y nunca tuve problema. Dale con fe

  18. cómo has hecho con cosméticos? si el líquido se supone que no pasa.

  19. Ni idea jajajaja los mando a la casilla y de la casilla me lo mandan a UY. Lo etiquetan como “artículos personales”

  20. muchas veces sueño que voy por ahí tomando fotos con mi celular.

  21. I'm confused, is Delilah an actual term or do you mean Delilah Loeppky specifically?

  22. Como extranjera siempre me ha parecido surreal tratar de comprar en Uruguay. Parecería que vender es mal visto culturalmente. Entre no aceptar medios de pago y ser poco responsivos hacia la clientela no tengo idea cómo hacen para sustentarse.

  23. Tal cual, ahora voy a optar por resolverlo de otra manera. O sino como comentaron, uno termina en las cadenas grandes, en el día lo tenes y te ahorras todo esto. Lamentablemente no es la misma calidad y los productos son de catálogo.

  24. Al final hicimos el escritorio y otros muebles con un carpintero de "sólo trabajo en MDF" que al menos los terminaba en la semana. Pero nos hubiera gustado mejor calidad.

  25. And the laundry detergent wasn't as sophisticated, and they had to wet pail.

  26. Que sería la única mujer con short cuando todas usan bikini. Jaja, no sé, por ahí me sentiría un poco fuera de lugar. Capaz que son prejuicios míos a derribar.

  27. en qué mundo todas las mujeres usan bikini y ninguna short? jajaja un poco "I'm not like other girls" tu comentario

  28. Clean cloth nappies, a good resource for non US cloth, actually moved away from recommending stripping.

  29. The main con is people are less likely to buy your lot if you sell. But it makes practical sense, clotheez covers only come in white for example.

  30. could you elaborate more about the therapist notes?

  31. Jane Doe's original fan blog is still cached online, and it describes a number of the outings that took place when she came to the show. The blog makes it evident that the production treated her as a special groupie because she had a large following, aka Jane Doe was actually a huge SNL fan.

  32. could you share the name of the blog with me? I'm very unfamiliar with SNL

  33. I did a deep dive a few months back when I last read about this and found her blog from the early 90s by searching “Jimmy Fallon” and “fan page” on the Wayback Machine. Her old website was cached and still had a few pages, mostly devoted to anything Fallon related (new movies, magazine articles) or summaries of her trips into the city to wait in line to get to see the show.

  34. Not at all what happened to Shannan though? People legitimately arguing that her personality drove her husband into murdering her. I'm not talking about an alley killer here.

  35. Stanley takes Mark’s roles but Mark doesn’t get Stanley’s roles if that makes sense?

  36. Jessie Buckley. I see her name and I watch the thing. I did not love Men though, first saw her in Chernobyl and she completely won me over in I'm Thinking of Ending Things. Loved her wacky character in Fargo too.

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