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  1. Why? His voice fits his person imo. Guys like Lavine or Brogdon or random deep ass voices or guys like Mahomes random frog voice are the ones that confuse me. Harden just sounds like average.

  2. After watching some videos on the bullshit they called for offensive fouls in the 60s and 70s, firmly convinced that Wilt would have dominated way more if he was playing with perhaps Shaqs rule set.

  3. Just want the Dodgers to lose in the most painful way possible. Kershaw balking in the winning run on Game 7 after they were up 10-0?

  4. The description said “She was temporarily crated while at a local toss and fetch competition, but that didn’t stop her from trying to get in on the action”

  5. This is seriously becoming an issue, not only does it affect the doors within the lab, but also the ones leading in and out of lab space as well as the main elevators. And I don't care if people think the gloves are clean. If they are, why not take them off. Because by the time you're at your bench, they won't be clean anymore anyway, so just take them off and put on new ones when you reach your destination.

  6. Phil’s has changed though. When it was in mission hills the ribs were actually smoked.

  7. Evan Turner on recent threes: "you've gotta respect a 15-percent 3-point shooter. A guy like that is always lethal."

  8. Evolution prefers diseases that are contagious. Deadly really has no evolutionary pressure unless the disease kills people before they can transmit it on.

  9. We all know that trick cause every single one of us was that kid one day.

  10. My dog still falls for it every single day. Always fun as he earnestly looks for it.

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