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  1. It's not "free." You pay an absurd % of your income in taxes.

  2. Define “absurd”. I paid almost same taxes when I lived in Europe, just slightly higher. Now I pay ~25% of my take home for insurance, that I still have a $5000 deductible for.

  3. Where in Europe? We can easily do a comparison. "Slightly" higher is not likely.

  4. I think I had Covid 2 weeks ago, but tested negative with rapid antibody test. I only think I got it because after all my symptoms cleared, my taste/ smell was gone for 4 days. Im curious as to if I had the virus. As a triple jabbed individual, would antibody testing conclusively tell me if i had the virus? Can the testing differentiate between Vax antibodies and infection antibodies?

  5. Find an antibody test kit that tests for Nucleocapsid rather than spike, and will tell you

  6. The Mona Lisa is a piece of physical artwork not a digital drawing you twat

  7. And a good, skilled piece of artwork by one of the most famous artists ever not something my 10 year old son would draw

  8. Hopefully we get the European version of post empire and get healthcare and 6 weeks of vacation. Somehow I doubt it though.

  9. Cause I’m fancy. It’s a mod given flair. Check the submitter of this post too

  10. You could package westbrook for another team if they had assets like first rounders, and at best you could trade for like 2 expiring contracts.

  11. Probably some drunk asshole (or several) tipped a large amount and then fought and contested it.

  12. As stated elsewhere though, simply have a “that’s a large tip, are you sure?”

  13. I've rewatched this a couple times, and keep getting emotional

  14. Tbh I don’t know. I was going through old photos saved on my phone and found this. From here, from funny, Twitter, Instagram, snap stories?

  15. Someone once asked my sister what our names were. At the ripe age of two she told the lady all of our names and at moms name she goes "this is my mom, mom" we all laughed so hard at how cute and innocent she was 🤣🥰 children are innocent

  16. My niece started crying like this and got really offended when I showed her a picture of her mother (my sister) as a toddler and told her who it was. She was like “no that isn’t, and then got really really upset when insisted that was a picture of her mother.”

  17. Most of them are going to remain in the list unless extreme circumstances arise

  18. Per CDC statistics, 93% of Covid deaths, which are well under 1% of people who get the disease, are of people >= 55. They'll be fine.

  19. Tbf 7% of 800,000 is still like a Football stadium of <55yo being wiped off the map.

  20. I kind of have gone over the past 20 years with phases of what’s my favorite Dylan album - but Blood on the Tracks became it when I turned 35 and has lasted that way for the past 5.

  21. Those other vaccines are mostly fine and have low adverse reactions. By their standards the mRNA and Vector DNA vaccines should have been pulled long ago due to the adverse reactions. There are a shitload whether you want to believe it or not. Listen to the joe Rogan podcast with Dr Robert Malone and tell me why would that guy lie, why would he be banned from Twitter? He’s president of a board of 16,000 doctors and scientist and invented mRNA tech and you ban him. It’s such a fucking shame. He even states the vaccinated are at a much higher risk of getting COVID since OMI doesn’t even see the vaccine at all.

  22. He didn’t invent mRNA tech or vaccines. He says he did, but he didn’t.

  23. I'm guessing the Alanis Morisette thing is 'ironic' but who or what is 'O'Henry'?

  24. It was an autocorrect mistake - O. Henry was the author of the story the Gift of the Magi - and is most famous for using situational irony. In the story the wife and the husband both do something for each other - the wife sells her hair to buy him a chain for his watch - and the husband sells his watch to buy her a jeweled comb for her hair.

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