One Piece: Chapter 1048

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Conor on Islam

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  1. This would be poetic if it was from anyone other than NAV, lol

  2. The worst fight of all time. Imagine discussing who won rounds because of singular punches and failed takedowns. Trash

  3. Just watch Canelo fight right now, started after chandlers fight and will be nearly done by the time the main event comes around. This fight is dogshit

  4. Committing sin for the sake of evil? Mingo? Really? All the things he did to dressrosa were pretty evil. It had nothing to do with the status quo, he just wanted to rule.

  5. You're both right, Doflamingo faced injustice, and he was evil. But Kaido is a whole other level of evil; he kills anyone and everyone, including children for no reason at all. He is basically the personification of evil for the sake of it and not even him maybe being enslaved in the past as a backstory justifies his actions.

  6. Not gonna lie as much as this fight is starting to drag I wouldn’t mind a Kaido flashback for 1-2 chapters before the final blow

  7. I agree, as much of an asshole Kaido is he deserves a couple of chapters about his backstory etc.

  8. Eddy just doesn't give a shit about anyone else but Canelo.

  9. That’s bullshit. Valdez had a couple of sweet ass combos in there I’d never seen from him

  10. youre kidding right? valdez hardly landed that entire fight bro

  11. Seriously, I was giving garcia shit for saying eddie only cares about canelo and that's why he left the team. Absolutely makes sense now eddie only cares about those lame ass "coach of the year" belts that he gets purely because canelo is talented.

  12. Which should count as a disqualification, not a finish. Self-inflicted, fight ending injuries should not be a "finish" on the opponents record.

  13. This is fighting. Not soccer. If there wasn’t a doctor stoppage poirier could have beat Connor senseless with his broken leg?

  14. You mean a “no contest?” Yeah, that’s already a thing… but if you get beat up for long enough before the fight is stopped, it’s counted as a loss.

  15. Insanely good take down defense? Are you fucking kidding me?

  16. Usmans arms are the same size as ngannous what the fuck

  17. He was getting up. And throwing a few wild shots that caused him to get punched more. He hardly defended anything

  18. Lmao he immediately apologized, that is a very French reporter.

  19. So do people from other countries not apologise when they’re called out for doing something wrong?

  20. I don’t think Tuco is either amoral or a coward.

  21. The last sentence you wrote was fuckin awesome. So true

  22. I have all respect for this movie, its one of the best ever but its a tad bit long. 3 hours to be exact. It does have parts where it drags, lets be honest.

  23. looks like he could be a character from superwog

  24. Statistically Volk outstruck him in every round.

  25. Don’t try to reason with these fanboys, they don’t understand stats when presented against their fighter

  26. Don't self project I know you cried last night

  27. You clearly don’t know how influential Skinner was. Just don’t comment before you google next time

  28. As much as I dislike chandler id have to give it to him as well.

  29. To be honest I don’t have great reason just after listening to him talk a few times something about him rubbed me the wrong way didn’t care for him after that. Just one of those people for me.

  30. Yes for test cricket, games are played over 5 days. There’s 1 day test called ODI and shorter games in T20 leagues called IPL (India) and Big Bash BBL(Australia), they have color uniforms with logos and no sweaters. There’s tons of other leagues and types of cricket. Edit: below comment is correct

  31. T20 is the format of the 20 over game. There is the IPL in India and the BBL in Australia which are T20 competitions.

  32. Why are you asking based on what? His fights obviously you monkey lol

  33. MMA changes so fast, just 2-3 years ago I thought Tony was a legit contender but now I’m questioning who would even waste a fight on him besides other washed out fighters?

  34. Tony still brings in large viewerships so quite a few fighters would be down for that check

  35. That’s case for everything? Some people have addictive tendencies.

  36. how the fuck do you get fiziev when the photo is literally about dos anjos ya spastic

  37. Oldboy (the Korean version). Biggest gut punch ever.

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