1. Imo we need a cdm to partner Enzo. Especially with Kante still not signed a new contract and injured half the time.

  2. Enzo will not sign so less one to worry about

  3. And apparently none of them will be eligible to play in the champions league next season

  4. It's a crazy offer, we'd be mad not to. Gallagher accepting it was always going to be the issue

  5. What is the end goal of Chelsea take over? I know you need to make investments before it turns profitable but Chelsea historically have never been a profitable entity despite billions of investments and was just Roman's pet project. Why does Todd Boehly see this as a profitable venture?

  6. I'd imagine the idea is to invest heavily in young players at the start, then significantly scale back spending as they develop, and sell the club when they're in the primes and (hopefully) winning trophies, driving up the value of the sale

  7. As much as a love the lad, £40m for Gallagher is far too good to turn down. What are Everton doing

  8. Could Moises put in an official transfer request?

  9. Both the Arsenal and City teams are very likeable. You just can't hate the guys, so wholesome

  10. tears in my eyes, Reece can finally be rested without a 5000% drop off in quality

  11. Class, Webster in particular is a quality talent. Thought he was gone for sure.

  12. Good for his development. Glad he got he debut, but he needs proper gametime

  13. Kinda wastes some of his best talents though.

  14. Allows him respite though, we need to sort these injury problems somehow

  15. Serious question. What are Chelsea fan’s expectations for next season after all of this spending?

  16. I didn't know Gordon was that fast

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