1. Nice build. Are you using motherboard's system fan input for the GPU fans? I tried this method with my Asus Dual RTX3070 OC but I didn't like how the fan speed was not bound to the GPU

  2. It can take a while for support to reply because they reply to tickets in batches. Just be patient

  3. Okay. Thanks. But will I get a replacement for that bracket?

  4. That is the correct aio, but if that is $149 USD then it's way to much. It's $119.95 USD from EK. Also rather than 2 slims fans on top of the rad you should consider putting the fans below the rad which allows for one slim and one 25mm

  5. There should be some difference even though it might be marginal difference. And you spend less money by buying 1 slim fan and using stock AIO included fan. And also the AIO tubes doesn't squash between the rad and the PSU. And plus you get less noise because the fans ain't exposed

  6. Actually that USB unplugging noise could have been you GPU in the first place. When a display driver is installed or uninstalled that USB plugging/unplugging noise happens

  7. I actually just got it using a thin screw driver. Thanks for all the help man. So what is the purpose of this thing anyway?

  8. It holds the GPU in place from underneath of the PCI-e bracket while the 3 slot piece holds it from the top of the PCI-e bracket

  9. It's like the screws in the ATX PC case but in here they use this instead because of low profile nature

  10. You should only have L bracket installed if you are putting the GPU in. You'll have to remove the piece in the upper left corner of the picture you have. And then install that piece after you put the GPU in

  11. Nice clean build. And do you have a link where I could buy one of that deskpad/mousepad?

  12. When will new batches of T1 available for pre order? I want to get this case since December, especially the two tone color

  13. We do not know yet. Manufacturing is currently catching up on the last three rounds of orders.

  14. Hopefully soon. Because i desperately need this case to finish my build

  15. Looks like it has some kind of frame around it. I think Phanteks doesn't have that since it's flexible unlike this one

  16. If you are going to use radiator below 27mm there will be no point of using thicker fans in there. Remember radiator thickness is more important than fans and of course if you are going to use thicker radiator you going to need better fan to push more air. So, overall it will be too big of a case at that point

  17. I don’t think I paid tax. The case was $250 USD including shipping. I’m in Australia and after conversion i was charged around $367 AUD (about right for end of September when I ordered). I wasn’t charged any extra for duty or import taxes when it arrived.

  18. Just wanted to point out that Australia has a $1000 AUD cap on imports before duty is charged. As long as it's below that amount then you won't pay extra. It's best to check with your country's import customs and duties if they have a similar cap.

  19. Yea, my country had $1000 US before but they changed it to $300 US few month ago so they can get everything we have. But seriously it's kinda payment for everything in my country. But we gotta do what we have to do to get by

  20. You would be able to get lower temps on GPU by setting GPU fans to exhaust. But since you have tempered glass side panel I'm not sure if temps will go low by doing that. Nice build BTW

  21. They’re already exhaust, with intake the heat had nowhere to go with the TG panel haha

  22. Is Ventus stock fans are loud? I'm just wondering since I want to pick up a 3080 if it becomes available

  23. You can buy it from Amazon. It is in stock right now. And it costs 120 dollars

  24. Yes, but also no. Very open answer I know, but just because your own patience is a factor. Mine runs at 3533 CL16 (and below) with no issues or errors whatsoever. Up until the latest BIOS (AGESA 1.1 patch C) I couldn't get 3600 to boot no matter what, but now I can get boots with crashes, so I'm going to be trying to see how far I have to lower timings to get 3600 to work over Christmas break.

  25. You're correct. There is not much gain after crossing 3000/3200mhz

  26. I unfortunately ran way too many benchmarks on exactly the validity of this just to promote my roommate that his 3800 CL13 RAM wouldn't make any difference to gaming performance. It definitely did not.

  27. I just realised my fans are pulling air into the case instead of exhausting. In every picture of ek240 in Formdt1 fans are below the radiator. When im turning my fans to make them exhaust through the radiator, the sticker of the fans faces towards the radiator and there is no plastic skelleton protecting the fan blades. When i Assemble it my Motherboard phushes against the middle of the fan and pevents it from spinning properly. (Where the screwdriver points).

  28. Yo, I figured out why you couldn't do what I said. You have the PSU flipped around. Usually cables comes from the AIO side but yours comes from the bottom. You'll have to flip PSU to normal mode to achieve whay I said. It should work

  29. You can check this out. He commented yesterday on your post.

  30. This used to happen in my NZXT Kraken x52 AIO. I'm saying "used to" because I sold my PC recently

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