1. I missed those posts but I agree with you. My brother’s fist was born 3.5 weeks ago. He gets 8 weeks of paternity leave, he’s the second employee at his company to use it. I was talking to him last week about his plans for work. He said he’s taking his whole 8 weeks and not even checking his email. Apparently the guy who took his leave first would regularly check his email and join meetings during his “leave”. My brother looked at me and said, if I don’t take advantage of this leave they won’t keep it as a benefit for future fathers. I need to normalize paternity leave being actual leave. I was proud of him.

  2. In 2020, my husband’s company just started offering 16 weeks parental leave a week before our baby was born. He was like heck yes!! He took the entire 16 weeks off and didn’t check his email at all. The newborn stage for us went off without a hitch since he was there for it all.

  3. I would choose to be a SAHM or WFH (in this perfect fake would I’d have an easy ass job I could do while watching newborn).

  4. This is incredibly odd and frustrating. While our daycare says it’s best if kids are there for a certain time when programming formally begins, I have never heard of being charged for dropping off late- only being late to pick up. I am so sorry this is the case for you. You don’t need this on top of everything else!

  5. Agreed - pick up means staff stays back later than they have to so I understand that but not for drop off. Or late pick up fee is $50 per minute.

  6. My wonderful, beautiful mom retired a few months before I went back to work after being a SAHM. She, at her own suggestion, comes over every Monday. She gets my 4 kids off to school, then spends the whole morning cleaning all my bathrooms and changing all the sheets in the house. I love her more than words can say. She is the one reason I am surviving my second go as a first year teacher.

  7. monthly because i can barely afford even that

  8. Same here. Wish I could do twice a month but I’ve got 2 kids now.

  9. 4 days old newborn. She can not be put down at all, she will cry within 5 minutes of being put in a crib, even if she was in a deep sleep before being put down.

  10. My firstborn was a contact napper always needing to be held to sleep too. That was when husband gamed the most in his life lol. She just needed to sleep on us so he held his switch and also played on his PlayStation. There is hope. Good luck!

  11. Oh…an unleashed dog came onto my 4 year old. The owner was like keep your kids at home if they are scared of the dogs. While a park clearly says that dogs must be leashed.

  12. Agreed. Even if they say their dog is nice. It’s not worth a potential accident because toddlers are unpredictable.

  13. My MIL’s friend sent a photo to her of a large ass tree that fell RIGHT in front of her car while she was driving. In fact, it damaged the front of her car but thankfully she wasn’t injured at all. Scary AF.

  14. Because they have shitty parents, so they go to shitty schools and hang out with other shitty delinquents. They’re not scared because they’re a mob doing all the trouble while knowing police response times are nearly abysmal so they’d do as much damage as possible. As a parent of two girls, I do get worried because these delinquents can target anyone.

  15. I am a parent to 2 girls too. This is why I’d love to put my daughters in jujitsu or some kind of self defense class young but husband doesn’t want them getting a concussion or unnecessary injuries from the classes 😐

  16. Can you give examples of when you’d use the different techniques

  17. Haven’t done my hair in 10 years and I wanted to do something different and fun. I was considering a balayage or something. Hairstylist told me doing that for the first time on virgin hair takes 7 hours (costs over $500).

  18. I’ve gotten a balayage on virgin hair and it took no more than 3-4 hours and cost $200-$250. Thats at a nice salon…

  19. I’m in California so these are the normal prices for here 😪

  20. I'm a new mom to a daughter and I BAWLED during that scene

  21. Same. I picked up my daughter from her bassinet when she was making grunting sounds to hold her. My heart!

  22. Literally. We have a 3 week old and he looks exactly like the baby on the screen. That baby couldn’t have been more than a month old and that’s pushing it.

  23. I have a 3 week old as well and thought the exact same thing!

  24. Husband and I have siblings. I just knew I wanted 2. Husband was completely happy with just one. After I gave birth to my firstborn it was instant, unconditional, infinite love… I said aloud that I want one more that I could do it again.

  25. I feel like there are some kids that just seem made to be big siblings. Our daughter is one of them. Everyone said it would be beautiful and special, but it’s more awesome than I even imagined!

  26. Same!!! I was so nervous by how my daughter (just turned 3) would behave around baby sis but she adjusted instantly. She has never been mean/jealous around her and is very understanding. She is one of those toddlers who are overly affectionate to their younger siblings we just gotta make sure she isn’t accidentally crushing her. She always gives her hugs and kisses and my whole heart melts.

  27. Pre-school has very little sitting still and holding a pencil.

  28. My 2.5 year old daughter was at home and wanted to go out. I told her to grab her jacket AND SHE PUT IT ON HERSELF, CORRECTLY. I was so impressed!! She said her teachers taught her and her classmates that this week.

  29. My sack of flour was exceptionally quiet, AND that didn't mean imminent danger was upon it.

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