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Music Teacher Fights a Disrespectful Student

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  1. I feel like the Say You Will outro is the one most people moan about. So there are like 8 iterations of the loop, right? First two are almost identical apart from the inversion of the C minor chord being a second inversion on the first verse and first inversion on the second verse and throughout the rest of the song. The next two have a slight bit of voice leading on the chorus.

  2. This is what I love about Kanye. Dude really is a musical genius.

  3. Of course. The political system and voting as a whole is a joke anyway


  5. Had to slow down to 15 in the far left lane on I-25 to snap this pic and do a little post to let everyone know about the rain. We needed it.

  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you. This would never happen in a civilized country like [insert European nation where things like this definitely don't happen]

  7. Because OP came here for recommendations and ends up trying to one-up suggestions. While ignoring that Denver has always had a thriving Greek population with a lot of great food to go with it.

  8. I mean plenty of studies from major medical schools have concluded that a fetus does in fact equal a separate and viable human life when speaking genetically.

  9. Lmao and everyone on the post was saying it would certainly be picked apart. This subreddit is full of over the top responses

  10. Eh, T2 is pretty great, all time great in fact, but, you have to admit, it's so much more hollywood than the 1st...for me, the 1st is still tops.

  11. I judge how good an action movie is by how much fun it was to watch and how willing I’d be to rewatch it. T2 wins in both categories

  12. Bro, Blood on The Leaves is a sample of a song that technically doesnt even exist, thats how visionary he is

  13. https://open.spotify.com/track/2eKwjJkBUaeaGq5GA1wTwc?si=PepTWSkmRe6Ecxe1m7LlTg

  14. Stephen Paddock was clearly some type of arms dealer or possible CIA asset that had a gun deal go bad and the “shooting” was either collateral damage or a cover up or a mixture of both.

  15. Stephen Paddock was a multi-millionaire who made his money “gambling”. Who’s dad was on the FBIs most wanted list. Who’s brother was arrested by the FBI months after the shooting when they “found” child porn on his computer.

  16. Yea, I see it and think "Sweet wheelie!" then go about my day.

  17. Same. People in this sub are so angry about literally everything and seem to care way too much about things that have no effect on them whatsoever

  18. Yeah, ok; until one time that type of ass careens into my car causing an accident that would make me deal with my insurance company and he most likely doesn't have any; and put up with his toxic masculine attitude acting like it would have been anyone's but his fault. He is an ass and should be treated accordingly.

  19. Lmao you know he would have a “toxic masculine attitude” directly after having an accident? How exactly? He’s a guy who’s show boating. Stupid? Sure. But people who see this and care so much that they feel the need to take out their phone and record it so they can let everyone in

  20. Its best to delete your acts of bigotry and antisemitism, or atleast edit the comment.

  21. Ah yes what a beautiful black specimen. They really just age so gracefully, don’t they?

  22. Democrats went from Biden as VP to Biden as president over the course of 12 years. Conservatives went from wanting John McCain as president to wanting to hang Mike Pence. Let’s not pretend it’s the left that’s running off here.

  23. Wow the same comment I’ve seen in this sub and other political subs over the past few weeks has reared it’s head again. I wonder if it’s just that most of you have no individual thoughts or if it’s some kind of coordinated propaganda thing.

  24. I know this isn't what she's doing but my ex used to pretend to have seizures anytime she would be losing an argument or if I caught her cheating.

  25. My ex would slit her wrists and blame me for making her do it. Girls are cool

  26. Man I’ve been with two separate women who did this exact same thing. Obviously I can’t say for sure she was faking it, but uh sure looked it like to me.

  27. I remember watching this on one of those dumb ass TruTV clip shows where they have irrelevant comedians make commentary on videos, which is where I believe the voiceover comes from.

  28. Make the switch. I started with console when it showed up on game pass, it’s definitely worth the $40 to buy the vanilla version on steam.

  29. Problem is I doubt my shitty little laptop can run stellaris and certainly cant run with mods

  30. I play it on my surface pro which certainly isn’t designed for gaming and it runs pretty well. It starts getting slower the higher my population gets, but my current game now I have 2700 pops and it’s still playable.

  31. My husband died four months ago after cancer took everything from him. I'd do anything to talk to him on a plane, train, automobile, or on the back of a fucking camel.

  32. God damn this is so not the time or place to cry about your dead husband.

  33. I get it, age discrimination is illegal and it sucks.

  34. Eh that’s the reason for punitive damages being awarded. Sure, OP might not have suffered any real damages from this, but these practices can’t be allowed to continue and slapping a huge punitive damage amount onto the suit is used as a deterrence for future discrimination and an example to other companies not to do the same.

  35. Through your brain or spine that’s it. Nothing else will kill you instantly. You can get shot through the heart and not realise for 10 seconds or so until you suddenly lose consciousness.

  36. Lol no. If you get shot through the heart you would likely experience an incredible sudden loss of blood pressure causing loss of consciousness extremely quickly. Like standing up too quickly multiplied by a million.

  37. I’m surprised the charges were dropped. A teacher hitting a student in any other situation than self deference is unacceptable.

  38. Right? All I can see in the video is a completely out of control adult who deserved to go to jail for his actions.

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