1. With hand dyed yarns i usually alternate one round or two rows of two skeins to even out color. Sometimes i don't start this until further in if the pattern involves short rows etc.

  2. Nope, it broke! It was a noodler's Konrad. So finicky, and a friend bent the nib while passing it around directly after i received it. Since then I've owned many a pen and never looked back, there are many better pens, especially my TWSBI Ecos!

  3. Ladder back jacquard is your friend for long floats like these! Cool vest!

  4. Nice, this is giving me the bravery for a sweater I've been thinking about felting to a better fit!

  5. As the parent of a toddler and a knitter, wow this is an amazing gift!

  6. This is just objectively the best thing I've seen all day.

  7. I'm a nurse at a clinic. I've revamped all the processes of my role since i started, and since then have run out of busy work. If it's slow, I've started knitting and listening to a podcast with one earbud in. That said i offer to help out with literally any other task i can whenever i can, my coworkers and boss know I'll even do physical labor if needed! It might not be a good look, but at this point i do everything they ask of me (and then some). My boss doesn't seem to care. The only comments I've gotten are how much people love my sweaters or they don't 'have the patience' to knit, etc. The last one makes me lol bc I'm like i don't have the patience to sit still without an activity!

  8. I should add: i usually have a web page open to a professional education topic.

  9. That looks like the perfect yarn for steeking! I'm wearing a steeked sweater right now, the cut is so terrifying.

  10. I'm still a nurse. I've had fibromyalgia for about 20 years, and been a nurse for 6.5. can honestly say it's the perfect fit for me. I've never done hospital nursing (much respect to those who do!). Worked my way up to nurse manager at a small LGBTQIA+ community health clinic, but the stress and overwhelm was too much with being a new parent. Now I'm an RN at a school-based health clinic. It's super easy to the point that I'm bored, but i have taken care of a lot of emergencies (think anaphylaxis, concussions, asthma attacks, etc) in the year I've been here and i appreciate that I'm no longer having work stress bleed into my personal life or worsen my symptoms. At some point I'll go back to school to teach nursing and/or become a NP, but I've decided boredom is a great alternative to being strung out on stress all the time. Here's to coasting at work, and thriving at home!

  11. I like this! I've had the sweater curse work both ways. I'm happily married now and my partner has two sweaters I've knitted them, plus two sweaters they've knitted since i taught them how. But! focus on yourself, your joy, your life, before focusing on anyone else. Happy knitting!

  12. Yes! I live in California and fingering weight sweaters are the only wearable sweaters most of the year. Also they're cheaper imo, especially if you prefer knitting yarn-eating cables.

  13. If you're looking for elegant but also slightly sporty spice (like baseball raglan), go for the dark top. If you're looking for more pearly elegance, go with the light top. Awesome sweater, hope you share the FO when it's done!

  14. As a nurse who washes my hands constantly all i can think about is how often my pen would fall into the sink when I'm washing my hands or having to apologize to patients when I'm listening to their heart or lung sounds and this thing swings and whacks. 'oh yeah you've got some nice wheezes there'

  15. Lol looks like I'm not the only one. Or the only one making majority single socks?

  16. OMG i foresee a sweater like this for my toddler in the near future, it's simultaneously adorable and clashy. Little kids can get away with literally anything. Mixed prints? Clashing mixed prints? Two pairs of pants? Anything goes.

  17. You can definitely do it! I would recommend using a yarn 'bra' of some kind to keep the ends separated. It will make unwinding from the outer ball harder but it will reduce risk of tangling. Mine worked out okay this way.. Good luck!

  18. This sounds like it could be serotonin syndrome, which is very serious. Please go see your doctor or go to urgent care or emergency room to get checked out further.

  19. You are 💯 living the dream! I wish i had space to store my stash and have it visible at all times.

  20. Gorgeous! I loooove the color combo. It just looks so calming, like putting on a garment made of tangible serenity... ahh

  21. Lol she's 6 or 7 now but she's so small she definitely looks like a kitten, so we call her 'baby cat' or 'baby Ellis'. I love tabbies!

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