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  1. Enya covering shitstorm would be epic af 😂

  2. https://twitter.com/seempieces/status/1541515805828927488?s=20&t=1nVLWKahfczicHOJH7ZxnA

  3. I'd love this cover to be the offical one. Kinda has a groovy vibe.

  4. Love the album. Such a heavy thing and so powerful. Always great to enjoy.

  5. YEESSSSSS ... a classic scene from the first album! <3

  6. Ah, excellent! I hadn't heard Nightwork mentioned in a long time, was worried it got scrapped. The song preview sounds great!

  7. Nightwork is the name of the bonus disc mentioned in the news

  8. Ya, my head was kinda afk for a moment.

  9. Nothing planned or announced so far officially. There will be amatuer filmers around i'd say and you maybe could find something like that on youtube, but don't get your hopes too high. I'm sure if anything surfaces, there will be a posting here.

  10. Just read the other day that IIRC Novarock had a live stream with some bands and I thought that other festivals might do that also.

  11. Well some festivals DO in fact stream certain acts (like for example: Rock Hard Festival). Maybe we'll be lucky and Devin is one of them.

  12. Dornbirn is an interesting location for Austria. Its as far away from the capital as possible, even munich would be closer for me

  13. True. It's a lovely location but extremely far away.

  14. Very low res album artwork and release date in the corner there - October 28th!

  15. Also tipping him on Stage it is an option if you have leftover credits

  16. Idk, think that'll be a bit strange.

  17. Any money is good money. If memory serves correctly, Stage it has a minimum ticket buy and Devin has done a few 'pay what you want' concerts on there. People may still have leftover tickets.

  18. LOL, oh, sorry, man. I got it mixed up with only "Stage". Thought you meant tipping Devin at the stage after the performance or so.

  19. Is this just the same movie that was on the DVD? Or something else?

  20. I would guess the same as the DVD but not sure as i didn't watch it (not available on german prime video so far).

  21. Devin did not post anything so far on his twitter, maybe more news will emerge soon.

  22. Wow, nice - out of curiosity how is Devin connected to icehockey?

  23. It says "Provided by InsideOutMusic" so idk, might be legit. In any case, you could tweet Devin or Paul (Collins) maybe, Jasper or someone from InsideOut to get that checked. Also,

  24. Works for me too, thank you for the tip. Only thing, is there any possible way to geht the PS5 audio into OBS?

  25. He often mentioned he's using EZ Drummer iirc.

  26. The movie title alone would summarize a bunch of songs Devin wrote :D

  27. This 100%! Maybe dedicate a day of the week for "fans of" posts?

  28. I got introduced to the band Mechina in a Fear Factory group. One of the best discoveries of the last few years for me. As a result, I’d like to advocate for relaxing this rule in general. I understand the desire to keep things focused, and if you opt to keep it that way I get it and won’t be butt-hurt or anything. But “for fans of…” is a pretty powerful tool.

  29. Seems his spot isn't that long on this trek. Well, bugger, but it seems the setlist will be okay.

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