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  1. My kids are 2.5 years and 3 months. I told my wife I’m at that point where i just want to chuck them money for the weekend and vanish. Kids are exhausting

  2. I work with middle school students and I look at it this way, at some point a straight person recognized they like the other gender before it was a sexual thing. So why wouldn’t it be true the other way around? Kids these days are so much more transparent and aware of who they are and accepting of others for that matter. When a student tells me they feel one way and are worried how someone might react i say one thing…

  3. Watching womens volleyball on TV

  4. I believe she just puts the beer and old bay mixture in a pot on the stove and lets it cook on low for a bit! They sound weird, but oh my god they are fantastic. If you ever get the chance, you should totally try them. Anyone I’ve ever convinced to try them has loved them lol

  5. Not the same ingredients but similar premise to dirty water dogs you get from street vendors

  6. Food. Always ask about food. What food does said culture eat? How do they eat food? With hands? Cutlery? As a family? What other rules are there that most people wouldn't think of? Food is one of the best ways to join a new culture without it being appropriation. It's also something all cultures have in common, everyone has to eat so all cultures have some sort of attitude or rules when it comes to food.

  7. I like this one - I’m trying to iron out some kinks to it but i wonder if i could ask them to share a dish from their culture… that would be interesting.

  8. I’m looking to start a club with a concept similar to “The Human Library” idea for my students. Rather than a group of people I’d like to invite one person of a specific culture, religion, or of a specific area and just get to know them and help my students be aware. What are some good questions to ask?

  9. My school has a "Nerds with a Purpose" group. They play games (D and D, Magic, etc) after school once a week and the older students kind of mentor the younger ones. It gives the students who might normally be loners a group to belong to and helps them socialize.

  10. One of my fellow teachers hosts something like that. Those types of games are not my forte but they fit the category well. I totally thought of a brilliant idea though.

  11. We’ve reached a reasonable equilibrium with my son, when we go to bed he can ask to sleep in the ‘big’ bed, and that’s fine. I lay with him and tell him a story, then usually watch an episode of something on my phone for 30 minutes (under the blanket, because evidently I’ve given up on being the adult) by which time he’s conked enough for me to move him to his bed.

  12. Home girl will not sleep with electronics in front of her. We gave up parenting on that front a bit ago just because how high energy and needs she is. We give her independent time but she just gets carried away, driving playdoh into her furniture, coloring on walls, waiving everything in front of her sisters face (2 months) and nevermind just the standard terrifying two year old stuff like putting marker caps in her mouth and running away from you, finding the toilet paper and letting it run crazy, taking dirt out of the flower pot.. you name it. We took a long car ride recently and as tired as she was would not sleep while she could watch something. Took it away and out nearly instantly.

  13. I have no advice but want to say I feel your pain. My 20 month old has never been a great sleeper. There is no crying it out because she can and will go on FOREVER so we too are stuck laying with her. In fact a few weeks ago we transitioned her from her crib to a twin bed so we could lay with her in her room because we were so sick of having to bring her in our room.

  14. Kids are so pleasantly frustrating. She makes me so happy but i want to rip all my hair out on the regular. We had a time where we didn’t even have to read! Put her in her crib and the girl was out like a light. Now it’s pulling teeth for bed time almost regularly. Our second one likes to party during nap time and i swear they alternate sleep and wake sometimes. Get one down then BAM! #2 is awake.

  15. The planks chipping i think are a result of the connecting piece cracking during install, but i can’t figure out how I’m going to fix the length wise shift that’s separating the planks. Any advice would be greatly appreciate.

  16. My wife takes a nap while the kids are crashed and i play games. I operate fairly well on less sleep while she does not. Sometimes one kid will wake up before the other and i just snag them so she can sleep longer. Irritating that I’m the one that often has to stop their time but gaming compared to sleep are very different priorities. Plus, no one wants a cranky spouse.

  17. Fuck man, I've struggled being in my own head for as long as I can remember and I don't know how to stop it. It completely fucks with my mental health constantly and it feels like I'm not "there" in the present moment. How do you conquer this?

  18. Practice mindfulness regularly - there’s many different ways. The idea of mindfulness is that rather than your emotions ruling your state of mind youre making yourself aware that you’re having a thought and an emotion is occurring. Practicing mindfulness will allow your mind a small enough break to recognize this and then process later.

  19. Prior to kids, I’m pretty sure i tested up during Click (I think…).

  20. And to think he was a comedian/actor not long ago playing the role of president...

  21. Also the fact that comedians speak a lot of unspoken truths to a large public audience and know how to capture attention. His actions embolden his voice ten fold.

  22. In high school we had a foreign exchange student from Holland and when asked about the US, she said “it’s incredible how wasteful you are with water. My family leaves the water running when they brush their teeth and everything.”

  23. My daughter does that on low verbal days. Her therapist calls it scripting? Its cute.

  24. Scripting is very common. I worked as a paraprofessional at a high school for a while and a few of my students would recite random phrases or verses. My favorite was a student saying “don’t pee on that!” Because you know she heard it all the time. I’ve found myself saying that you my now two year old and it makes me laugh.

  25. Can we talk about how the windshield isn’t shattered?

  26. For my brothers bachelor party, our last stop ended us at a strip club. It was not my place - I felt so uncomfortable (meanwhile my wife and future SIL are motor boating Betty up by the stage). A girl tried to pull me up and I legit pulled my hand away and just said nah I’m good and say at a table with my other brother who chilled for a while then joined the crew. Just wasn’t a place I enjoyed being at.

  27. Unless every Indian scammer that call us daily is practicing a fake accent for a big Hollywood production, that ain't no stereotype.

  28. I can’t find it, but there’s a comedian who does a skit with tech support and is talking to an obvious Indian support. He’s like my name is “Bob”.. long story short the whole skit is about him trying to prove Bob is not Bob, but am Indian guy. He asks the support guy to say “noodle” and it’s comes out like “new-dill” and he goes “gotcha!!”

  29. Even the first two hits. I knew someone that got hit with a thrown beer bottle (which didn't break) and it split their head right open. They needed a dozen stitches.

  30. In high school someone threw a half full plastic soda bottle off the bleachers. The cap hit me in the head and split my head open. I could make multiple handprints with the amount of blood pouring out my head. Couple stitches. Shits easy to split and bleeds like mad.

  31. Bro this is like, revenge fell into my lap and i just played telephone.

  32. I don't think you can count not putting a previous employer on your resume as lying though.

  33. Presumably though there was a larger gap in work due to previous job not being on there - but again, the more consequential piece is the reason if the firing and not necessarily the lying.

  34. If you listen at the very end it sounds like he farts too

  35. Hey we’re literally the same. M-F 7:30-4, 2 year old, 8.5 month pregnant wife, 30 years old. Our main floor is the kiddos play area. We’ve limited to like 1-2 big toys and i just pick it up every night as part of my routine, i soon hope to include my daughter in that process. I try to clean little things throughout the evening so it’s not an overwhelming amount at the end up the day. The timing sucks for cleaning because i put my daughter down righttt when my wife gets home. She’s a nurse and works 12s and is exhausted so it’s just easier that i put her down for the night. Our upstairs takes one for the team though… people are right, either learn to accept it or little by little. Don’t stress full house cleans often!

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