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  1. Puf, vamos a oír hablar de ETA hasta en la sopa.

  2. Sorry, I don't understand you. Thac0 is nice, but you can't hit things? Low thac0 is the only thing that matters to hit things. Which is your strength? A higher number cne can improve your thac0. Base 18 and book of strength will result on a deadly character.

  3. Don’t do tensers. Even if you aren’t able to cast often turning off spell casting is a disaster when your casting level runs away from wizards.

  4. I recognize that revolver. It's a prop from Deus Ex Mankind Divided. Did he just... miss the point of those games? Why am I even asking, of course he did.

  5. Just because liberal democracies do it does not mean communist democracies should be doing it as well

  6. Just because liberals do it does not mean that other formats can't.

  7. That's terrible logic. We should be attempting to be better than our opponents, otherwise we're just the same

  8. It's terrible indeed, I thought the same about your argument strategy.

  9. If he fails his will saving throw, he is forced to take a long rest and eat up all the supplies.

  10. Now you mention it. Are there mushrooms and muffins in the game now? I've not played in a while.

  11. Si esto sale adelante, cómo sería compatible con la seguridad jurídica y la libertad de movimiento en el ámbito de la UE? Un extranjero inyecta millones en la economía española comprando una casa de lujo y años después el Gobierno le mete un impuesto draconiano de forma arbitraria, aunque el extranjero ni sea residente.

  12. Reflexiono, porque hay alguna arista más.

  13. Muy bien dicho, soy Portugues e habito en España, fue devido a la compra de vivendas por estrangeros com maior poder aquisitivo e a el concepto de vivenda como inversion que los precios en Portugal aumentaron, inpossibiltando la adquisision de viviendas por jovenes (que no tengan padres ricos). Por este motivo compre una vivienda en España e me vine a vivir, Portugal ha perdido muchos jovenes por los precios proibitivos de la habitacion, el acesso a la habitacion para constituicion de familia es importante para mantener los jovenes fixados, los jovenes son el futuro del pais, no los estrangeros ricos

  14. Lamento si tuviste que dejar todo atrás solo por eso, vecino. Espero que aquí la vida esté siendo más amable contigo.

  15. honestly, at this point they could make "half-human" as an option for all the race choices rather than "half-race" for every race.

  16. Why couldn't a halfling and a gnome mate?

  17. not that they can't, but it'd result in an ordinary half-gnome, duh

  18. Yeah, that's the point. Half-race sounds more inclusive than half-human...

  19. Ok, got it. Thanks for your kind clarification, it's very helpful.

  20. Don't feel bad about asking your question - knowledge and learning are nothing to be ashamed of! I think you only got downvotes because people assumed you already knew. Reddit can be like that sometimes. Never be afraid to ask questions. :)

  21. Yeah, you are right. Well being downvoted like that was useful for realizing that there was something wrong xD

  22. Yeah, they explained to me. Will do, no problem.

  23. Non-binary people rarely physically transition or he surgery.

  24. Oh, now I get it. Honestly, I would like to read&know more about this, but I have never known where to start by.

  25. You can get 19 strength with that race, so I guess that's why you thought it might be considered unlucky... Right?

  26. "well, nobody's perfect" - Some like it hot

  27. Hey, one question, how would you define the influence of those magazines on you? Once you were aware of their dangers, was it easy to change your approach about yourselves? One example. Some friends were complaining time ago about the clothes sizes and their pressure to fit in smaller ones. I got surprised because they were feminists, but still felt the pressure.

  28. As others have said, I knew they were airbrushed, etc. But it doesn’t change the fact that the only people who were represented in those magazines were skinny white women. Likely straight and cis also, though those things weren’t discussed publicly back then. And it wasn’t just magazines. It was and continues to be in all media.

  29. That was totally unexpected. It's a bit annoying that is so hard to leverage the self esteem...

  30. Nope. For the same reason I don't believe in unicorns, Santa Claus or flame throwing flying dragons.

  31. There is a mod for Solaufein. A bit op, buuut....

  32. I did the exact same character (not even joking, pretty close

  33. I believe it’s to get the energy blades hla. It’s a great ranged weapon

  34. Interesting approach! I don't remember if they were modified by any weapon proficiency...

  35. I don't want to sound like the guy who wants to be the smartest person in the room and says something bonker.

  36. Why tough? Are they starving? Kicked out from their houses? Has anyone been put under a guillotine yet?

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