Regarding that actor from episode 4 of mando and the redemption narrative

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  1. Yeah you were way nicer than I would've been. At minimum I'd have cussed up a blue streak at that guy.

  2. It all just boils down to who's judging. If it were a QH-adjacent judge no way the Arab would've stood a chance. Whoever the judge was, they probably have a broader background with multiple breeds.

  3. Scam. What the scammers do is copy someone else's ad word for word, pictures and all, then throw on a "too good to be true" price to get people to send them the money without seeing the (nonexistent) horse so they don't "miss out on a deal". Classic FOMO scam. Horse never gets shipped because they never had it. It's the same scam they run for cars where a scammer claims to be selling a really nice car for a low price due to death in the family or whatever, or the good ol' rental scam with the $600/month newly remodeled apartment in a high cost of living area. They're all designed to lure in people so desperate for a deal that they'll send money online to snap up said deal before the mark has a chance to think it through and realize it's a scam.

  4. My ex was in the path of the EF-5 that hit Joplin, MO in 2011. He was stuck in traffic in his semi, a Kenworth W-900 carrying roughly 45,000lbs of nails, screws, bolts and fasteners. The tornado lifted his semi and trailer, spun it around twisting the kingpin and bending the frame of the trailer and sat him back down two lanes over. The semi in front of him with an empty trailer was lifted, flipped over and smashed killing the driver. If I'm not mistaken semis are smidgen heavier than cars so my uneducated guess is that a big ass tornado could maybe pick a car up pretty high in the right circumstances. I did read elsewhere that the lights in this picture are a drone. I sure hope that's true because if that really was a car then I don't think it would bode well for anyone in it.

  5. Maybe because I’m a zoomer but I genuinely never had an issue with jar jar, granted I can see why people don’t like jar jar but to me he’s as Star Wars as chewbacca. I would not mind seeing jar jar return onto the screen

  6. I found Jar Jar super annoying but I never felt inclined to project that annoyance on the actor. That's just...insane to me.

  7. Does the lessee go to a holistic dentist who uses hand tools and no sedation/anesthetic? Didn't think so.

  8. I wanna see OP's lessee get their wisdom teeth holistically removed, then they can report back about how awesome it was.

  9. I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve never met someone with an opposing view. I am mind boggled by it. She said that the vets “take too much off with the drill” when I told her to just have the vet do it. I’m wondering if it would be better to end the lease at this point

  10. That's a load of crap. A skilled veterinarian who practices dentistry can do a faster, more efficient float with power tools. I've also never seen a vet do a float solely with power tools, they always seem to finish with hand tools to dial in the float. Frankly, having gone so long without dental care, your horse may benefit from a power float as it will get things over quicker for him if his teeth are bad. But if they aren't and "taking too much off" is a concern you can always request they use hand tools only thought it seems kind of silly to use a vet you don't fully trust to make a judgement call on what method to use for the float.

  11. Riding isn't the be-all, end-all a lot of people make it out to be. Simply caring for them can be just as fulfilling and when we take on that role the dynamic shifts from what they can do for us to what we can do for them. At minimum every equestrian should have a healthy balance between these two dynamics but there is nothing wrong with leaning hard into the care side of it when riding isn't a feasible goal at present. Sometimes, seeking out opportunities to simply partake in the care of horses leads to finding better riding and learning opportunities with horses more suited to your needs.

  12. "This bitch"? Wow, aren't you a catch. Let her make her own decisions, she'll either be fine or regret it.

  13. Except that you can’t really shoot at the dog in this situation or you risk hitting the horse in its legs which is much MUCH worse than torn flesh from dog bites.

  14. Lol, you sweet summer child. Have you seen the police shooting videos that come out of our country? That dog would've been shot at the first possibility of a clean shot.

  15. I’m from the US… I never said they wouldn’t shoot I said it’d be a terrible idea. I also didn’t say they shouldn’t shoot the dog, they should just not when it’s under the horse. To do that would be sheer stupidity, but then again I expect nothing more or less from American cops at this point.

  16. And I never said it wouldn't be a terrible/stupid move to try to shoot the dog while it was under the horse but that's a distinct possibility. If not while the cop was mounted, then the second their feet hit the ground their gun would be drawn.

  17. I absolutely love Super Bowl Sunday. I look forward to it every year. It's even set as a reminder on my phone. It's the one Sunday of the year that I get to go out and explore with nobody else on the road and I don't have to listen to anybody ask me about my favorite team because the few people I do interact with on that day are also out doing other things than watching football.

  18. I love Super Bowl Sunday because 1) it's the end of football season, so no more football for a while and 2) my partner goes to a big watch party with his friends, gone all day and home late. I've turned it into a whole me-day. I make all my favorite foods that he hates/can't eat. Gaming system on the big TV in the living room, plan out a TV itinerary of shows he can't stand. Me and the dogs, on the couch, in my ugliest pajamas, eating gross and spicy foods, extra cheese on everything (he's lactose intolerant), not having to share the remote, round out the evening with a nice long hot bath, no worries about saving him hot water for a shower. It's pure bliss. I love that man with all my heart but I do so enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. I know he isn't coming home so I fully indulge in being an utterly useless and selfish slob for an entire day.

  19. Don't have to worry about that trailer getting stolen.

  20. Some rando guy that wants to take their 2yo to a park. Textbook creepy.

  21. I'm wondering, too. I also wonder if actually works for some people?

  22. I have one, decided to give it a try because my knees are trashed to the point squats are absolutely miserable for me. It helps, a lot. I can do squats with it without wanting to die. It seems dumb and gimmicky, and probably useless to a person who's in shape with good joints it was money well spent for me. Been using it 3 times a week for a year now plus yoga and an elliptical, down 65lbs and my joints feel so much better.

  23. the majority of pick up truck owners around me a) are usually full of themselves and have compensating vibes with their lifted, souped up, loud as eff engines and b) can't drive worth a damn and inconvenience everyone else around them.

  24. The majority of pickup truck owners around me are just farmers trying to get on with their day. They despise the d00dbros in lifted Rams with telescoping mirrors, RealTree stickers and truck nuts every bit as much as the car drivers.

  25. OP only said banamine in the original and describes cookie cutter basic colic care instructions given by the vet.

  26. If you see the 2nd update in the OG post she said she was prescribed antibiotics and was going to go ahead and give them to her horse.

  27. You're right about the antibiotics but that's still not a blood draw to confirm infection.

  28. I had one make an exception and it went totally viral 🥳 but some of the admins I’ve reached out to didn’t respond. Good call in maybe reaching out to more of them, there’s usually a lot listed

  29. Also, do you do a Tennessee Walker clock? If so, how much?

  30. So I initially took custom orders but they were really tough to price and keep up with, now that I’ve ironed out some kinks I will hopefully be adding custom options back in! Have a whole list of requests and tennesse walker is for sure on there!

  31. Well save our comment thread so you can find it again and hit me up if/when you do Tennessee Walker clocks. That would look so neat in my living room, it's also my tack room with a wall of saddle racks, has a rustic cherry accent wall and is decorated in Walking Horse memorabilia. I've got the perfect spot for it.

  32. I’ve been trying different saddles from the stables but they all seem to rub badly. So I’m unsure on which one to get my horse because I don’t want to spend loads of money on a saddle that’ll do the exact same. It’s tricky

  33. Are you letting yourself heal before trying other saddles?

  34. I just use heavy duty nylon bags with rivets. The rivets let you tie off more secure to the saddle vs D rings. Also, if you have conchos that screw off you can unscrew your conchos, slide them through the rivets on the bags and screw them back in for super snug, extra secure fit. I like nylon over leather because they are so easy to clean, I don't have to worry about them getting soaked and they are cheaper than leather so I'm not gonna get upset if something leaks in them or they get trashed.

  35. mine ended up being a grade horse and a fantastic one at that! hes an awesome little dude and he tries his heart out in dressage. getting hung up on breeds isnt worth it ♥️

  36. I don't even care what they look like anymore. I've become quite the connoisseur of ugly horses. At this stage of the game my only requirement is gaited, for my poor busted up knees and back.

  37. There is no "best breed" unless you plan on doing breed shows.

  38. It's not unreasonable to be looking for another riding opportunity for your daughter, and to want to put your funds towards that instead of a lease on a horse that cannot be ridden. However, from the responsibility side of things (which I commend you for taking into consideration) perhaps you could discuss with the owner about volunteering a little time each week to help with the pony's aftercare. This would ease a bit of the burden on the owner, advance your goal of teaching your daughter about the responsibilities associated with caring for our equine partners and also keep the door open for picking the paid lease back up if the pony recovers to a point she is able to resume work.

  39. Thank god! I was looking for a comment like this. My 18 month old looks exactly like the above and he’s getting as much food and oil and vitamins as I can get him to eat. It’s like his rib cage is so big it really sucks it at the hips and his neck is so scrawny. Hoping it’s because he’s growing and will fill out once the spring grass comes because he looks so poor despite my constant efforts to feed him up

  40. A Fast and Furious growth spurt can really pull a young horse down too no matter how you're feeding them. I don't like to judge "skinny" youngsters because they can look very funky during/nearing the end of a big spurt. What matters is how they bounce back once the growing levels out, that's what tells you what you need to know about the nutrition they're receiving. I've seen some gawd awful downright fugly youngsters who developed into drop dead gorgeous stunners when they hit the 4 to 5 year old stage. It's super common in the Saddlebreds I used to work with. Even the best bred ones look like hammered out hell at a certain point in growing.

  41. She certainly looks a little underweight, but even there I wouldn’t use the word ‘starving’

  42. I have to agree with you here. To me starving is when they get to the point they require a refeeding program, are at risk of, or actively in, organ failure.

  43. These are sadly recent things I have discovered. But I might send him off again for x-rays or ultrasound. Just to make sure everything is alright

  44. If you're comfortable spending the money, you're much more likely to get concrete answers from scans than from video consults. To ease your mind a little I had to take one of my horses to one of the top equine hospitals in the country thinking I'd have to sell a kidney to pay for it. Scope, x-rays, ultrasound and an MRI on an emergency visit only ended up costing me $700 (granted this was like 7 or 8 years ago but still).

  45. I hope it all goes well for your horse too and you figure out what's going on so you can get it fixed. Mystery lameness sucks.

  46. Would it really have no effect on his seeing ability? Especially with seeing in font of him?

  47. All horses have blind spots and areas of marginal, binocular and monocular vision. A severely pig-eyed horse may have a slightly larger range in their field of marginal vision and their blind spot but nothing overly significant. I've seen, worked with and rode plenty of pig-eyed horses over the years never noticed any difference in their workability or vision. Also remember not all horses that appear pig-eyed truly are, the proportions of the head/jaw can give the visual appearance of the eyes being "too small" when in reality they are normal.

  48. Unless I'm missing something it seem like the obvious place to start would be a vet appointment to check for vision loss.

  49. Tuffriders and Horze are super cheap in the realm of tall boots though. Not saying this to be bitchy, I get it, I don't have $2k to drop on custom tall boots either, but in the world of tall boots they are the basement bargain bin brands of boots.

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