1. Cannot stand this reply. Seems to happen any time someone is complimented.

  2. Definitely lacks thought, especially in a post regarding the death of his father.

  3. Per my other replies, I don't listen so I didn't know what the segment was about. It was a dumb joke, but not a heartless one. All the best!

  4. That was the “Seattle is definitely getting the first down” play

  5. Bad call. I get the body weight thing, but I don’t like it. It’s not egregious. Injuries just happen from it sometimes.

  6. Do you think he would really want to leave college where he’s one of the best ever, to try to help a shit NFL team?

  7. Dallas’ competition, as well as Philly’s, has consisted of 100% NFL players. Strength of schedule is neat, but anybody can beat anybody.

  8. I don’t know, but I think 3 is my least favorite. I enjoy 1 and 2, then feel like I have to get through 3 to get to 4.

  9. Listen, man. Randle fills out a stat sheet but every time I watch, all I think is “oh brother, this guy stinks!”

  10. He’s good for 3 1/2 quarters. Thankfully we have Brunson to close games like this.

  11. You wouldn't take someone telling you to worry about your own shit calling you out? Lol ok.

  12. You know how you go to a subreddit once and then Reddit starts suggesting posts from it in your feed? I’ve been getting posts from woooosh and they all suck. Where are the good wooooshes?

  13. If I owned I-45 I’d probably bury it in the bottom of my portfolio

  14. I’d be okay with him feeling like that again this weekend if he wants to

  15. Unless he's slower than Brown he'll be an upgrade on any down.

  16. That’s actually just a blurry image of Nick Offerman. I understand the confusion though, as they look very similar to one another.

  17. I don’t, because I’m dead inside. It’s a nice moment though.

  18. Nick Foles winning a super bowl for the eagles? Awful product.

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