1. I am not Christian, I do lean red. I don’t give a shit if you are trans or what ever. I just hate seeing fat bearded men in skirts with kids in public. That’s fucking cringe.

  2. What's cringe is caring about what someone wears, also those kids are not going to think differently of someone wearing a skirt unless they are taught to

  3. Nazis thought it was cool to be a nazi cause they where taught to.

  4. Yes! If I can sign up for your service online, I better be able to cancel online too. Looking at you Sirus XM.

  5. I always call. Do the year promo, have them invoice me, call back 2 weeks before the promo runs out then tell them to cancel. Then they give me a year at promo rate, invoice me. Rinse repeat for the past 10 years. I never give them my cc number. Never.

  6. If you talk about not rioting for nearly a week, you are asking for a riot.

  7. Who the fuck do these employers think they are? Why would anyone work in a place like this?

  8. Seeing him on ecw on tnn rekindled my love for pro wrestling. I never missed a episode of ecw on tnn. We can all argue if he was properly spotlighted in the WWE, but you can’t argue he had memorable matches and moments with hall of fame talent. By the time he reached TNA, the hogan era was in full swing so you can’t blame him or his mindset. RVD will always be in my top 10.

  9. I am 43. My football fan life has been Don Majikowski, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Many teams have gone through 3 QBs in one year and start fresh the next year.

  10. Checks the source, yep, fuck Scott Ferrel. Failed shock jock, Howard Stern ass kisser jumping on the late night sports talk show train. This guy has been a failure everywhere he went.

  11. You are not gonna get sympathy from “the working” man or woman saying that.

  12. I am getting tired of MJF. He’s crass for the sake of being crass like a mid to late 90s shock jock and doesn’t wrestle but once every 2 months or so. How many times do we have sit through this “line of people to get to me” crap. For a guy that hates video games, he sure mimics the basic “final boss” formula to nausea. At this point his opponents are way more entertaining than he is and are most of his opponents carry the story line while he just babbles and does post match run ins. Yippie skippy.

  13. By all rights Danielson should beat him by like 5 falls at revolution. If MJF gets pissy and leaves. Good, see ya. For someone who constantly talks about being a “generational talent” I’m sure not seeing a lot from him that makes him stand out.

  14. That’s what I am saying. Anyone can be crass and tasteless while being a asshole. I am not saying he’s untalented but at this point he’s just uninteresting to me. He’s a shock jock that can wrestle every 2 or months. That’s his character right now. When it comes to the things he says, I don’t see him getting away with the content anywhere else. I am not saying he can’t evolve but for me, he’s in a rut and if it where not for Bryan Danielson, I would care less about this feud. He really fucked over Wardlow also. I don’t see anyone else getting away with that move anywhere.

  15. I am happy to hear this, too bad it took a tragic event for it to happen. Jays passing makes me sad. The fact his kids no longer have a father makes me sad. Maybe it’s because of suddenness and senseless nature of it, but this celebrity death really got me down over the past week. It’s a same Jay wasn’t seen on a bigger stage but very few wrestlers did what he has done. He’s wrestled in MSG, the Tokyo dome all the way down to the local VFW hall. He’s held titles everywhere he’s wrestled and he held day jobs while wrestling and all while being a husband, a father and a pillar in his community. Fuck. Miss you Jay. 😢

  16. If I see it, I pretend I didn’t see it then go on with my life as I intended before I saw it.

  17. Jacksonville is the largest city by square miles in the continental USA

  18. The lack of inter gender matches. The fact that you can’t super kick someone just because of their reproductive organs is dumb.

  19. *and the clear physical difference between male & female athletes resulting in most people/network executives not feeling comfortable seeing a woman get beat on by a guy even in a pro wrestling context but yes, them having the ability to have a kid is the only reason

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