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  1. This is a misconception that I keep seeing posted. It's either Iran or Afghanistan that I see these kind of posts of. People need to understand that this was a very short period. Tribalism and "radical" Islamism have been present in these areas for decades, and in the case of Tribalism hundreds of years. People need to get rid of the idea that these countries were somehow "western" and emancipated. They were not. These pictures were always taken in either Kabul or Tehran. Outside the capitals things were as they've always been.

  2. Yes, in Afghanistan more than 90 percentage of people supported Sharia laws most of them in rural parts of the country and that's why Taliban have a strong grip in Afghanistan

  3. Ok let's add the Japanese Empire for atrocities committed by them in countries like Indonesia, Korea, china

  4. when you wanted to become a famous rapper but your life had other plans

  5. Open doors on an train overcrowded with people oblivious of any common sense.

  6. it's Mumbai suburban railway network and it's filled with people like her who do stupidity near the doors of the moving train

  7. I think in Bihar the coaching mafia is behind this sudden protest , they will get zero money if Agnipath scheme is implemented

  8. Just give him a hug bro, looks like he is gonna cry at any moment 💔

  9. It's a mohanlal movie either it can be good like drishyam or be as bad as possible like marakkar or aaraattu

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