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  1. I got a similar message through email. I thought it was Mercari related as well because I just shipped out some packages. Upon further review, I realized it was a scam.

  2. So jealous also! I wanted those items but got the eye cream and chemists collagen instead.

  3. “I like the view” “You’re my best view” “Nyeh you so sweet”

  4. For those that received their box, did you receive all the items? My box just shipped but there’s 2 things with the box that hasn’t shipped yet, including the free blow dryer.

  5. The only person I feel bad for is Yve’s son. She is a mom and should be prioritizing her son. I understand she may feel lonely and want to feel loved. But she’s not gonna find it in someone half her age from another continent. The signs were all there for her and she completely ignored them. Hopefully this GoFundMe will help support her son while she goes through this mess.

  6. In this specific scenario, I would have to say Penny is wrong. You don’t invite an ex to stay on your couch when you have a boyfriend, even if she discussed it with Leonard first it still wouldn’t have been fine. (Which she did not.) This is common sense and boundaries should be established. Even if he trusts her, he can’t trust the ex to not do something. We also know Penny can be irrational when she drinks, for example the case of her almost sleeping with Raj. Why tempt fate when there are other solutions? If the tables were reversed, she would not be okay with it.

  7. How is the throw pillow? Had it in my add ons too, was debating hard on it.

  8. I got one a few days ago and it had exactly the same things that are in

  9. Oh darn, I received that box about a month ago. When I actually subscribed, I was able to send my sister a starter box. Really hoping that that’s not the one she gets 🤞🏻

  10. I need at least 3-5 business days to prepare, I can’t just be living in the moment 🥲

  11. Hi! I’m new to fabfitfun and have been seeing everybody rave about unhide blankets. How is the quality if you don’t mind sharing?

  12. This is the most expressive Miona has been

  13. Exactly my first thought when I saw this 🥲

  14. 🥰! The squishmallow was actually pretty easy for the claw to grab on to!! If you see any in a claw machine it’s worth a shot to try!! ❤️

  15. Was just at Walmart today and spent $12 trying to get squishmallows in the claw machine too, didn’t get any tho 🤧

  16. Ughhh! I’m sorry! Tbh I’ve never won Walmart claw machines! This one was at my local grocery store. I heard a trick for claw machines but I’m not sure if it actually works lol Let the time go all the way down and at the last second hold the red button down and keep holding the button! Hope you’re able to win one or just buy a lil cute one 🥰❤️

  17. Lol I will have to try that out! I was sad after not getting any so I went to Target and bought Hal 😅

  18. I did this before. Go on the website using your computer and there should be a section for you to print the label.

  19. I’ve seen too much of this guy lately, pretty sure he will show up in my nightmares. Pls send help 🏃🏻‍♀️

  20. Sorry! I didn't see him when I scrolled down "new", so I had to do it.

  21. No worries! I enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with, just wanted to add lol.

  22. Miona: “oh shit he’s talkin bout me”

  23. Thais, Kara, & Guillermo’s reactions were the best ngl. They were just chilling and enjoying the tea, like the rest of us ☕️🫣

  24. Cat 1 is sometimes not allowing new items but you can keep checking back. I was able to add an extra item last night. Basically I continued to flip back and forth between Cat 1 and Cat 2 and Cat 1 finally pulled up without the banner. I grabbed my extra thing quickly and hit next.

  25. Omg I finally got it! I tried that for awhile and gave up, but I went back in and was able to add the phantom chef pan. Thank you for this method!

  26. No, it's when stock gets low. Towards the end of customization when people drop items, it may allow extra choices again

  27. Decided to wait until next season, thanks to everyone who commented!

  28. Same thing happened to me. Subscribed feb 17, received the July 2021 box. Reached out to them and received the same response. Told them charms would not be acceptable since I wasn’t an active subscriber. So they said they would send me the featured monthly box. Just checked the email order and they are sending me another July box- but it’s a different variation (kit 49) this time. Haven’t received the box yet though.

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