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  1. I have a family that works crimes against children cases. He always says the same thing: some children never have a chance in life and it’s the worst part of our society. He’s right.

  2. I been going back through a lot of b sides this week, and it definitely dawned on me there’s not as much acoustic SP since like Zeitgeist/American Gothic/99 Floors. It’s still there in Corgan’s solo work however.

  3. The weird thing is there have been more acoustic versions of anything due to Zuzus and In Plain Song tours.

  4. This would be great because then the announcement wouldn’t seem like a ploy to juice ticket sales for the upcoming tour.

  5. I’m always perplexed when a wine specific place has good wines but no vintages listed.

  6. It’s a good song but it fizzles out after the first minute. Billy made the right call here and it should be reworked in to another song.

  7. I never understand why places list the cents when everything is .00

  8. That ragu and potenta or whatever it is behind the wine looks deadly.

  9. My guess is the extremely early album launch was a push to sell more tickets to the current tour.

  10. 2018 Au Sommet Cabernet Sauvignon. Drank at their lovely little estate at the top of Atlas Peak.

  11. Empires is a VERY tasty riff. It has the feeling of a post Silverfuck jam that was refined in to a high quality song. I’m digging everything I’m hearing.

  12. For real. My sense is that James doesn’t love playing the songs from those albums.

  13. Good point. Same for Jimmy from Oceania. Makes sense to skip those, I guess.

  14. I’d love to hear Jimmy reimagine the drums on Quasar.

  15. Too bad 99% of people who need this advice never take it. We’ve heard a fraction of the entire work and seen even less of it and to be forming an opinion already isn’t receiving art with an open mind.

  16. It's not about being closed minded . The first single from an album that is a huge body of work is weak. You don't lead an album with a weak single. It's generic something I would never call the Pumpkins in the past

  17. I’m withholding judgement until I can experience the entire work.

  18. My mistake. I was listening to it on the podcast while driving and my car speakers aren’t the best, so I assumed it would sound better with my earphones. Thanks for saving them, you’re my hero today.

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