1. I’m not sure what the 85 a person means. Does that mean 85 to get in?

  2. That’s the cost of the dinner per person, so like you don’t pick what food you want (other than if you want the normal menu or vegetarian), they just bring out whatever courses are on the menu

  3. Oh ok that sounds much more reasonable then lol

  4. Omgosh those look and sound delicious! Which ones are your favorite?

  5. all the caramels are bomb. my least favorite so far was the peppermint patty but it was still good!

  6. I’m a sun cap, Pisces moon, Libra rising with chronic depression and anxiety. I can’t relate to the “workaholic”, but I do have an ambitious side that pokes through every now and then. Mostly I just want to feel good at what I do.

  7. Life is life. Life will keep coming at us as it does now. The only thing we can change is how we navigate it. If you are going to navigate through rough waters, you should see the truth of the situation as it is. Maybe then you would navigate yourself out, or hold the fort until it is calm. Otherwise, with ignorance, you might get further drawn into that harmful situation, thinking this is where you have to be or maybe unknowingly following a thought or someone you know into rough waters because you are not holding yourself accountable. You are not seeing reality. But once you can see that you are in rough waters, will it be blissful? No. The water will still be rough. But seeing it as it is, you will be able to navigate it. There might be a sense of peace knowing that you can navigate it. You might even feel joy knowing that you are able to navigate it, but seeing joy clearly you will not get caught up in it, otherwise in a blind pursuit of joy you will find yourself in more rough waters!

  8. Omg 😂 trying to think of what background music would enhance this

  9. INFP here and have enjoyed working in massage therapy, agriculture, graphic design, and digital marketing

  10. Damn you're so me. In fact I'm also an INFP.

  11. For me it’s a matter of staying “grounded” enough to not absorb from the people around me. Practicing mindfulness/meditation, body/emotion scanning, awareness vs reactivity. & Not wanting to hang out with dramatic, egotistical people sounds pretty reasonable 😂

  12. Ripping off plant based, but it actually says PLANET based, which still makes no sense. Ridiculous.

  13. School should promote the cultivation of knowledge/skills, but I have seen it abused for indoctrination and suppression of creativity and free thinking. I think if you like it, then great. But I also think the general school system fails in so many ways and does not work well for many.

  14. I agree with you, I think recreating the whole education system may be a solution, making it something where everyone can succeed, but what if this create even more problems? Some ppl are just against the idea of learning in school, maybe they wanna work a traditional job, or manage the groceries store of his dad, making the school work for everyone will make it harder for this people, idk tho, Iam just thinking about the possible consequences of this.

  15. I took a developmental psych class in college and we got to tour a couple of alternative school models. Really enjoyed seeing the kids happily engaged in their activities vs a traditional school model with a classroom that seemed unruly in comparison. I believe (or at least like to believe) that in general, people want to learn and improve, and people want to do satisfying work. But as it is right now, the traditional school model looks like it seems to think that people need to be forced to learn through assignments/homework. In my experience it was that forced, repetitive work that actually pushed me away from school and seek alternative educational opportunities.

  16. rose quartz bc it makes me feel esp loving and compassionate 💕

  17. Do you just dump some into milk, and heat, then strain before adding choccy and sweetener? How much do you put in one 8oz cup?

  18. Yep! I crunch it up into the milk. Not sure exactly how much I’ve been using but maybe around 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon for an 8-12oz cup. If I’m lazy I’ll just crunch some on top the hot chocolate for the aroma.

  19. Wow! I’ve been experimenting with chai but lavender cocoa is a new world! 🥰 Where do you get your culinary lavender?

  20. Ooo I love chai. I used to live near an herb shop and got it there but lately just Anthony’s brand on Amazon 💜

  21. The whipped cream had a coconut taste and the shake seemed like either oat or soy

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