1. What's this accommodation called? Is this something that has to be requested as a custom/personalized accommodation?

  2. apply next cycle? i thought each person gets 7 attempts-- 3 per cycle

  3. I use LSAT Demon and do not need to pay their $300 monthly subscription. Seriously, I apologize for his rudeness. I knew you were talking about Nathan because he can be mean, but I think that's just his style (don't take it personally). However, if he is being rude and you are also not understanding the games, there is a problem, and they should be concerned with teaching rather than being rude. I would use their drilling functions and just teach myself how to overcome the games using examples found online or with a private tutor who you can meet with once or twice a month and they give you the tools to self study. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them. You can do it! The test is designed to discourage you; don't let it! You are fantastic!

  4. thanks for the advice:) wasn't nathan though! nathan's a great tutor

  5. I got a perfect score on logic games and tutor. I was a music teacher for kids for like a decade, so I have patience if you want/need an alternative

  6. work for a year then marry up, drink wine, eat oysters, and travel

  7. According to the Demon i’ve studied for 25 hours in the past 30 days and have improved from a 162 PT to a 169 on my two most recent PTs

  8. How do you check the number of hours you've studied on Demon?

  9. I had a dream the other night where everyone spoke in LR stimuli and I had a meltdown analyzing everything that everyone said lol

  10. Please do not post any LSAT related test content as this is a violation of your Certifying Agreement as well as the Certifying Statement you attested to prior to beginning your exam. The testing window is still open and discussion of items is strictly prohibited.

  11. I also don't know why you keep @ing me. My entire point is the test is bogus because it inherently disadvantages already-marginalized candidates and is therefore a bogus test. I fail to see why a test taken on 1 single day, which you not only have to pay to study for but also pay to take and pay to send score, is a better indicator then 4 years worth of grades and/or work experience. I have a 4.0 GPA and am graduating summa cum laude, I highly doubt my abilities on the LSAT will reflect my law school performance. And I fail to see why your anecdotal experience at one singular institution is somehow a reflection of all law students. So, a few people at your school dropped out and they hated the LSAT? And you know a few people who tolerated it and are doing well? You don't know the LSAT scores or opinions of all of your peers, let alone a representative sample of law students. Please, piss off. Oh and what a shock, based on your emoji you're a white guy, no doubt middle to upper middle class. You reek of privilege.

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