1. I do find it interesting that she is using questionable hashtags such as “teaching in the nuuud” and posting videos of her toddler aged children yelling “working in the nuuuds”. Point blank she shouldn’t be making references to children and nudity which is probably why Instagram agreed with the reports and deactivated the page

  2. I’ve always gotten the impression that DarylAnn’s politics stem from her myopic worldview and they’re all very surface level. Like “save the children” is such a broad stance to take and her response to someone saying it was more of a conspiracy is pretty on brand for her. Like yes child exploitation and trafficking is a real thing, but it doesn’t operate like how she thinks it does.

  3. Man if I was a @DarylAnnDenner fan I’d be annoyed her company announcing a potential Black Friday sale when she swore up and down that there would not be one.

  4. Idk when I hear “Black Friday details” I’m assuming it’s a sale or something because they’re an online store.

  5. Honestly her skin looks fine with the foundation. It has texture which is normal. The color match is off and she caked too much on.

  6. Let me start by saying I really enjoy madi Nelson and her family.. but for her to act like everyone gets their kids teachers thanksgiving presents is just too much lol. I stress about a Christmas gift and birthday gifts .. a thanksgiving gift?! Do people really do that?

  7. So I know some people like to keep their kids’ clothes neutral/genderless so they can be passed down to future siblings, but I’ve never seen someone like DarylAnn Denner who absolutely loathes seeing her kids in any ounce of color.

  8. I guess I don’t follow her that closely, but Dani Austin’s talent show just seems out of left field. It’s a kind of event I associate with a county fair or school fundraiser.

  9. there's drama at the cincinnati zoo and i feel like it qualifies as "celebrity" gossip lol. you may remember fiona the hippo who was born prematurely a few years ago, and no one was sure would survive..but she did! well they brought in an adult male hippo (tucker) to be partner's with fiona's mom (bibi)...and they ended up having a baby over the summer (even though bibi was on birth control LOL) named fritz (sidenote, follow the cincinnati zoo on IG if you want to see cute baby animals). so while bibi was spending all her time with fritz, tucker and fiona were hanging out, so he's like her stepdad lol. but they announced today that fiona and tucker are breeding and i'm very traumatized by this news LOL.

  10. Omg I live in California, but had a wedding to attend in Ohio a few months ago and specifically flew into Cincinnati so I could meet Fiona! I know they’re just hippos and I guess it’s just natural, but this is too weird for me.

  11. To be fair, it’s not listed as an outbreak on the CDC website and to ask a primary care physician. Also to take steps to prevent big bites.

  12. There not being an outbreak vs zero risk are two different things. There’s not a listeria outbreak right now but they still don’t advise pregnant woman to go around eating copious amounts of lunchmeat

  13. Agreed. But I was just noting that the CDC isn’t explicitly saying no. Just that there isn’t a current outbreak, but it could be present so know the risks, talk to your doctor, and know how to prevent bites.

  14. Another day, another story of @darylanndenner drinking spark and LDCs while eating at CF or Torcheys. So mundane.

  15. What I think is funny is that whenever she’s out of town, her family tries a new restaurant. One of her sisters literally just discovered ramen.

  16. There are some shows that are 21+, but I’ve only ever been carded at a concert if I’m getting booze.

  17. @DarylAnnDenner seems to be experiencing the pains of owning a business and is unsure how to take the critical comments that are currently flooding her clothing line’s IG. The same person who called people cyber bullies is now trying to justify that “they are learning as they go”.

  18. Kristie Dash, her underling, mentioned she was "safe" from the layouts. So I imagine Eva is too.

  19. Oh I never expected her to be laid off, but I’m sure people on her team were. Plus if she was posting like normal that day, I’m sure she would have been bombarded with DMS

  20. “Radical leftist policies”? He’s such an uneducated, myopic idiot.

  21. Exactly! Most all of the conspiracists and election deniers are losing/lost their races to very moderate Dems.

  22. Just a PSA to anyone who will listen that post reduction odds of breastfeeding are not 60/40 chance. SO SO SO much goes into whether or not you will be able to breastfeed and it is not an all or nothing thing by any means. I have researched this topic EXTENSIVELY as I have had three kids post reduction and working on IBCLC. It is infuriating that she just said that!!!

  23. I put off my reduction for years because I was convinced that I wanted to breastfeed. My primary care doctor convinced me to look into the surgery when she pointed out that there’s no guarantee about breastfeeding in general. Your baby may not latch, formula might just be a bit easier, etc.

  24. yep this, self pay options usually come out to less than what drs bill insurance. she also got a breast reduction, unless the dr goes through and proves that it’s completely medically necessary for someone to have a breast reduction medical insurance won’t cover that. and to my understanding she already had the surgery and was getting it fixed because the first surgeon messed it up and she didn’t like the way her breasts looked.. so at this point it’s considered cosmetic and insurance definitely will not cover it.

  25. Ugh. You’re right. I didn’t factor in insurance not wanting to cover it if she already had a reduction. I had denied initially, but brought records of back pain for years and they finally cleared it as a medical necessity.

  26. MDD will shill anything, which I get. You got to pay those bills, but now he’s being shady with the ad disclosures and intentionally making it small and up in the corner. And also purposely including spaces so the hashtag does not link.

  27. Yeah, seeing the photo she posted with Eve I can see why. I guess she was just good at covering with her usual huge baggy boxy clothes lol it’s sad she feels the need to wear clothes like that which doesn’t help her shape but rather highlights it. She looks like SpongeBob half the time, but when she wears cute clothes that compliment her shape she looks great!! I’m sure constant bullying and snide comments from DUD doesn’t help her body image

  28. I’m actually wondering if her sizing was correct. I was a 34G pre reduction. I am shorter and less heavier than her, but I don’t think she was a 38DDD. I’m currently a 34DD and while I’m still a bit chesty, my breasts look so much better now and I’m comfortable.

  29. Does anyone know how they remove her side boob that she had done yesterday? I was thinking it would be like lipo or something but wasn't sure? Also, is that issue from a botched reduction or just her weight? (not body shaming at all, just curious. I'm a bigger gal and have some extra fat in the same area, my boobs are huge)

  30. So I had a reduction 4 years ago, but I’m shorter and not as heavy as Danielle. However I think that my breasts were bigger because after my reduction they’re a 34DD. But I had liposuction done on the sides per the recommendation of my surgeon. Im sure that’s what she did.

  31. Agreed. I will not purchase from her because her morals and ethics are the opposite of mine, but she has the right idea of launching with basics that are easy to manufacture and restock. Also the aesthetic of her site is actually trendy. Which would have fooled me know that this company is being ran by Republican evangelicals who run on Chick-Fil-a styrofoam sodas.

  32. Does anyone find it odd that DUD said she had to wait for “the big boss, AKA Dan” to tell her she can announce new stuff for the Nuuds line? There’s no way Dan is the man in charge! It reminds me of the relationship advice her parents gave her that was something like “Always let your husband lead and submit to him.” I feel like she has to put it out there that her husband is a boss to make him look more manly when he is so clearly not that way.

  33. I actually don’t think it’s that odd. She’s clearly the face of the company, but I don’t think she’d want to deal with the fussy details. I do think Dan and Rob are taking it seriously.

  34. “I’m soOoOo picky about everything” yet her favorite pizza is dominoes 🫤🫡

  35. Dominos is my favorite delivery fast food pizza. However there is much better pizza.

  36. There is nothing professional about Daryl-Ann or her brand.

  37. Not when she’s given free rein. But she’s clearly paying people to make her look professional. Which is smart.

  38. They are not flattering nude colors… she needed to have done proper research and had models of all skin tones come in and compare the shades against various people- not just her and her pasty white family.

  39. Then I’m a bit confused on her angle here. I get having your intimates (bras/underwear) being nude to you and matching your skin tone, but I don’t want my outerwear to exactly match….

  40. I’m aware of the drama around the Nuuds release etc, but on a side note- I went to Daryl Ann Denner’s page to watch the bullying talk and ended up seeing the sweatshirt try on- and does anyone else think those sweatshirts have the strangest cut?? They look crazy in the shoulder/arm area to me.. I get that they’re supposed to be oversized but they seem so awkward and unflattering…

  41. I’m personally perplexed by the fit of the bodysuit. It looks scrunched and bunched on the models as well as Daryl Ann and one of her sisters. I only own a couple from Skims and Old Navy, but I always thought the appeal was that they were smoothing and kind of “snatched” you in all the right places.

  42. @darylanndenner all pissed because the world didn’t immediately fall in love with her stupidly-named, overpriced Hanes/Fruit of The Loom T-shirts. 🙄

  43. I feel like where she’s missed the mark is that her followers are her only audience at the moment. She’s not famous or has name brand recognition. Her current followers follow her for her cheaper dupes and the mantra of “never pay full price”. So when she lists her apparel at the same price point as those mid-tier luxury brands she says is a rip off, it’s going to alienate her only clientele until she possibly grows.

  44. The amount of time they’ve spent deleting comments off Nuuds posts is wild too. Those tagging BLYT in the comments >

  45. The comments are scrubbed of anything that isn’t positive. This makes me think there will be a store credit only return policy. I also wonder if she’ll actually host reviews on the products.

  46. Madi Nelson has made being a Kanye fan a personality trait.

  47. It’s just sad because even most of Kanye’s biggest stans recognize that he’s become a bigot and can’t support him anymore. Sure he made Graduation and DONDA was a good album, but he’s dangerous.

  48. Daryl-Ann Denner’s Nuud launch - $58 for a t-shirt, $98 for a sweatshirt, and $88 for a PJ set? It’s gonna have to be a no from me, dawg.

  49. Even her loyal followers are actually commenting that the prices are much more than they expected and not what they’d considered affordable. Bylt tees hover around $35. I know quality fabric exists, but at some point t-shirts are all the same.

  50. Actually that’s not how dysport or Botox works.. you start young for preventive reasons. You obviously do it in moderation and only as needed.. but you don’t wait until you’re “older” to start those types of things!

  51. Botox doesn’t prevent wrinkles. Just the appearance of them. Moisturizer and sunscreen are key, but we are all going to wrinkle if we’re lucky enough.

  52. Does she?? I haven’t seen this at all! What did I miss?

  53. She’s made some not so subtle hints at her conservative views and has a thin blue line engagement ring.

  54. I can only think of Dan, Nicole F, and Taylor.. who else?

  55. Ms. Kanye West apologist herself Ashley @ashleyandemilyblog has said nothing about his recent antisemitic comments, but will probably tell us that he’s just too much of an artistic genius for us to understand his true meaning

  56. Has Madi Nelson said anything? I know she’s also a big fan who has been a little hesitant about speaking against him. I’m a former Kanye fan who pledged to stop giving him money early this year (no more concerts or clothing). It’s devastating as a fan, but he’s not well. But that’s no excuse for his bigotry.

  57. I just found Michael Cera on Spotify and wow. Sadly he only had one album and thats all.

  58. Not entirely the same, but he toured as a bassist with Mister Heavenly.

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