We returned to work. Ahead of schedule, but the operational situation demanded it. Winter has gained full strength, today -16 degrees Celsius. And again the most difficult direction, wish us luck

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Hello Reddit! Meet this Kropiva-Ukrainian combat control system. This is not a simple map, it is a system that has a huge number of functions, from calculating artillery fire to navigation and combat control. Continued in the comments

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  1. What is that thing they put around their butt? Looks like some kind oof cover, is it just for comfortable seating or a ballistic cover against shrapnel?

  2. You’ve got this hero. We’re all rooting for you. Make evil weep.

  3. It isn’t Danish flag. It’s flag of Volyn oblast (region in Ukraine). It looks similar but with one another detail

  4. Rest in peace, hero🇺🇦💪 Why is he wearing the Danish flag🇩🇰 on his uniform?

  5. It isn’t Danish flag. It’s flag of Volyn oblast (region in Ukraine). It looks similar but with another detail.

  6. Hey I got a question. Those collected Wagner patches are used to indicate confirmed kills, right?

  7. How to help the unit? Up this comment. Gadgets and electronics look at IR markers

  8. Gonna come back later in the day to see what I can grab for you guys. Slava Ukraini Heroyam Slava

  9. once the activities of war begin, it does go out the window, uniforms, and personal appearance no longer matter, actions do. no one looks at "your hair is out of regs, or you need a shave" ect, the look at you as a gunner, or a medic. the rest is rear area crap. Part of this girl is marketing to drum up support for her unit, to get us to buy stuff to help her and her troops. She needs to look the part of a badass siren for the photos. Not judging either way as i have set stuff. I also have served in the Army and Air Force and know how the unimportant stuff goes by the boards during war, and as soon as its over its back to shave, haircut and shinned boots. Its operational vs garrison rules. Also wearing your hair up with kevlar is a bitch, according to my female soldiers

  10. serious question: Is it acceptable in military to have falling hair down your face like that?

  11. Some of the items like the helmet mount for the Earmor and the Starlink cables cannot be shipped to "gift registry" addresses. DM me if you're OK with me shipping directly to your contact. I'm in northern California.

  12. Bought some nice scopes for you! Have a nice holiday season!

  13. Thanks for the expert opinion. It is very important to us!

  14. I'm gonna say it: this photo appears staged. Both soldiers' uniforms are literally brand new outside the mud on the medic's boots from where she's standing and the blood from the "victim."


  16. Massive respect. What is your guys plan for emergency pain management? Are you mostly using Hydromorphone or are you using Fentanyl or even Morphine?

  17. Good stuff. Do you guys use ketamine as well? And do you find that you have enough pharmaceuticals on the frontline with you?

  18. Ketamine, too, depends on the situation. I have enough pharmaceuticals, I don't use them that much

  19. I'm not sure why, but seeing that pulse ox hanging from your pack, really got me. I bought a bunch of those 2 pack chest seals. I wish you speedy recovery and lots of luck.

  20. How to help the unit? Up this comment. :upvote:Gadgets and electronics

  21. Ordered and will be at the address provided tomorrow. Slava Ukraini.

  22. Are these what cause the worst types of wounds you treat Kira?

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