1. I’m in the UK and face the same problem. You just have to resubmit and hope for the best, or appeal and then wait for Niantic to pass it. I got all mine through in appeal.

  2. I think if a game name is mentioned in the supporting information only, rather than the description, you shouldn’t reject it just based on that?

  3. For me the "Upload later" feature disappeared after they introduced the ability to put nominations on hold on your wayfarer profile

  4. Really? I’ve still got mine and use it frequently as I often sub in rural areas with poor signal.

  5. If it's a title? Unfortunate, but I'd reject it, personally. If it's the description, I usually just 3* and judge some of its other merits.

  6. I always feel quite sad when I see a title like “church”….. no efforts made to even find out its name or denomination. :-/

  7. You must have a lot of stardust…. Considering the trade costs of a shiny that’s not yet in someone’s dex with whom you’re not best friends.

  8. I know but if you have Deino unlocked it costs 1k it's not much

  9. That means nothing if they never got a shiny Deino. Shinies and legendaries are special trades. A shiny not yet registered on the dex of someone you’re only good friends with is a million dust.

  10. You mention in your description that the hut is grant funded by the Stronger Communities fund. If you have any evidence of that, either a plaque or a weblink, then I would include that. It’s good evidence to support, that it is public and communal, rather than a kids hut in someone’s back garden…. which, to be fair, is exactly what it looks like.

  11. Good idea - the plaque is above the door of the house but is obviously not readable from the photo. Will do for next submission

  12. You could always include the grant funding in the title somehow… like “Safer Communities Play Hut” or something like that.

  13. If one POI is the community centre and now they’re submitting the mural then in my opinion they are two separate POIs.

  14. Why would you be advocating to use the lower IV one for PvP??? Mewtwo has no play in Ultra League and in Master league you’d want the hundo, so the 96% would at least be viable.

  15. I’d not power up anything that’s 87%, shiny or not… the only exception perhaps if it’s a mythical you only get one of.

  16. I've been seeing tons of funeral homes come up lately and the justification is usually something like "a place where people gather". Technically that's correct, but it's clear people only want new waypoints to make games easier, they don't care if they are crap nominations.

  17. Spot on!! It also seems to completely bypass some people that if the only reason people gather here is because they’re acutely grieving, that this might not be an appropriate place for people to be standing around spinning a disc, but hey…. “There’s not many stops around here” so all’s fair game… 🙄

  18. I know, I’m not saying the submission is any good as it is. But a funeral home could be considered a place of worship, just not affiliated to any particular religion. You asked what criteria, I’m just pondering! I wonder what people would think if they resubbed this as ‘Entrance to Kirkwood’s Chapel of Rest’.

  19. Not every funeral home has a chapel of rest. Did you miss the “submission coal” flag? The question regarding acceptability criteria was obviously rhetorical.

  20. I would wait, if you catch everyone you see for the next few days you will have a good chance of having a 3 star. Unless you want to just use him to protect gyms then go right ahead

  21. I’m not local so there might be some cultural importance I’m unaware of but… can anyone explain to me what’s eligible about these things?

  22. Have the shinies been healed? Because otherwise it looks like Slacker was there first?

  23. Yup. What they said. It’s absolutely shocking in GL and only marginally better in UL. In ML at least it’s s great counter for Giratina-Origin. On the other hand, it still gets decimated by Togekiss and also gets farmed down by Dialga and both are pretty prevalent. In Premier it’s like a slightly worse Dragonite. Brutal Swing is an improvement, but Dragon Claw (which H can’t learn) is still faster.

  24. I’ve hosted multiple Zweilous raids and no one has been able to join them using remote.

  25. Because all the Zweilous raids are set to be done in person. You can’t remote them.

  26. Because you can’t remote it. You need to be there in person. it was silly to invite you. I guess the person inviting you didn’t know.

  27. An “emergency button” on a college campus. They are well lit at night and designed so that it instantly calls the police if you press the button

  28. They are very very upset it’s been rejected multiple times. I have personally seen them submit this or a similar post about 10-12 times with all of the same attitude

  29. It seems they fail to appreciate that it’s not eligible as it meets none of the acceptance criteria (exploration/exercise/social), but on top of that it doesn’t seem to sink in either that it’s not a great idea to submit waypoints that might interfere with evacuation procedures. The mind boggles.

  30. I know that, I have reviewed thousands upon thousands of things and had 100+ pois created. Argue and downvote all you want, I know what works in my area and will stick to that. Yes signs in my area are generally labelled Criles Park Sign and then Criles Playground to get 2 POIs out of it. I'm done replying to people who just want to argue when I was just trying to help so take care. ✌️

  31. For God’s sake literally everyone here has tried to explain to you why you’re wrong but you just can’t admit defeat can you. You’re calling other people dumb, when the only person who doesn’t get it is you. I pity those who have the misfortune of having their subs reviewed by you!

  32. Yeah my point was the sign isn't a playground. Real great reading comprehension there.

  33. Yeah and their point is that you are simply plain wrong and that signs are frequent, valid and good representations of waypoints such as entrances to woodlands, nature reserves aaand play areas!

  34. Thanks for the information rank 14 right now 6 more too go

  35. It’s 7 extra wins to rank 15, another 8 to rank 16, another 5 to rank 17, another 10 to rank 18, 15 more to rank 19 and a further 20 to rank 20… so only another 65 wins to go!

  36. Far less sweet sweet dust involved there

  37. You mean the sweet sweet dust you have to waste in the first place to power up those who then earn the bit of sweet sweet dust to get the Mewtwo?

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