1. Anyone else think the constant focus on the crappy weather & the less than impressive views could be massive turnoffs for potential buyers?

  2. I don’t know how many buyers would be week-to-week viewers.

  3. I live here. Its about 4 degrees colder than melbourne. This winter was particularly hideous though.

  4. Yeah, my view is probably also a bit skewed because when I visit people in Gisborne (on the same street as the Block lol), it’s a really open area where you’re extra exposed to wind chill etc.

  5. Yep, I’m like 80% past one (after about two years), but I’m still not back to normal.

  6. This is when I’m glad I just buy the digital album when it’s out and call it a day lol

  7. Yeah, I’ll just stream, then wait until a version with any bonus songs hits stores in Australia. I’m not placing a pre-order to then miss out on extra songs.

  8. Isn’t it also illegal to choose NOT to hire someone, due to their religion? That would be discrimination in most circumstances, right (although I don’t know if there are exceptions for positions that senior)?

  9. Wait, cut off with 4 weeks left? How? Where is that budget graph when we need it?

  10. Maybe so much in the red that they’ve used those weeks’ budgets as well?

  11. Since they’re out in the sticks with limited access to suppliers, two years into a global pandemic which has caused shortages in building supplies?

  12. Gisborne is like 40 mins from Melbourne, and a lot of previous seasons were like 20 mins away. The distance is not that big a factor.

  13. I’m from Vic and have never heard that term used. We always called it a drinking tap or drinking fountain.

  14. Lol the opposite - public school in the western suburbs

  15. NTA. You asked him to do something simple--to shower off before leaving the bath. Something he could do in 30-45 seconds! And he won't do it, just to please you? Even granting that it will likely not matter in terms of hygiene, it's the kind of courtesy it's not unreasonable to grant a spouse, given it's such a minor request.

  16. I completely agree with you, but just pointing out that people often have separate showers and baths (not both together), so it may involve getting out of the bath, walking across the bathroom while cold/dripping, then getting in a shower. Still should be done though!

  17. Good luck to all those people in townhouses who already can’t fit all their bins in the backyard.

  18. The judges were clearly in A&S’s laundry for that bad feedback…

  19. Wait, so is nothing else happening from the audit? Just the cigarettes?

  20. I watch it on Foxtel, mostly so I can pause the show and then fast forward the ads.

  21. It must be such a novelty for Sharon that someone copied her for a change

  22. Sharon acting like she didn’t copy the idea from a previous season though.

  23. Yeah, it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth.

  24. My wild prediction: at least one couple is going to shoot themselves in the foot with this audit thing. I wouldn’t even be surprised if O & O come out ok.

  25. Why were they all sharing a van? Don’t they usually drive their own cars to judging?

  26. i want Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac vibes. i love the 70s aesthetic and i hope that carries over into the sound of the album.

  27. Yes! Fleetwood Mac, but more Tusk eclecticism than Rumours cohesion.

  28. Poor Dylan and Jenny - $88K less than SJ and Tom!

  29. I’ve found that when I use Oribe Dry Texture Spray daily for styling, I get an extra day or two before needing to wash my hair.

  30. People have already provided a lot of emotional and self esteem advice, so I’m going to skip to practical:

  31. Can someone ELI5 why we should be changing passwords in this situation (like some are recommending)?

  32. I really don’t believe that passwords weren’t included. Better to be safe than sorry.

  33. Fair, but why passwords other than my Optus password?

  34. I work in a corporate job in Melbourne and live close to the city. I rarely hear racist comments in any context, and never at work. My workplace is very multicultural and everyone is just really welcoming, interested in hearing about cultural differences etc. We’re also great with things like disability, pride groups etc. Not amazing with sexism, but it’s more indirect than direct sexism.

  35. You don't need a subscription, I believe. Try this

  36. The person who replied to you was talking about the ban, but your question was about the subscription service.

  37. That’s for the ban, not the ongoing monitoring subscription.

  38. It’s hard to tell without the full context - what sub was it in and what was the OP?

  39. Ankur and Sharon actually having a smart sustainable idea for Landscape Week. I be pleasantly surprised.

  40. It was good, but they kept calling the greenhouse a ‘glasshouse’, so I don’t have much confidence in their ability to execute the idea.

  41. Genuine question from someone who lives outside of Australia… are greenhouse and glasshouse not interchangeable? We seem to call them all greenhouses in my country… and my Kiwi mother in law just told me she put in a glasshouse.

  42. That’s interesting! I didn’t actually know that glasshouse was also a term for greenhouse - I’ve only ever heard them called greenhouses in Australia. The only time I’ve heard glasshouse is the candle brand and that ‘people in glass houses’ quote.

  43. Oh, I love the movie, but I didn’t know there was a documentary! What’s it called?

  44. Demand Avoidance! I only learned about it recently. Makes me understand myself, and the neurodivergent people I know, so much better.

  45. That living room is very overstimulating. I know all neurodivergent people are different but there is no way I could relax in that

  46. I’m neurodivergent and I could, but I’m sensory seeking, and I’m pretty sure it was mentioned that Tim and Tyler are sensory sensitive.

  47. Every year they say "we can't get any bigger" and then they find a way

  48. I would love them to do small apartments and have to strategise how to use the space effectively. Like each pair could do 2-4 apartments.

  49. This won’t fix everything, but it reduced frizz for me: after I wash my hair, I wrap it in a cotton T-shirt or microfibre hair wrap for 20 mins, then use Oribe hair oil, then wrap it up for another 20 mins, then add my styling products to dry and heat style.

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