1. Aurelion being unchained to me feels like an even greater threat than if all Old Gods in World of Warcraft were unchained... If Aurelion wanted to, he could destroy Azeroth in his hand... Sounds like an amazing expansion end boss... if done right.

  2. I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, and the OP deleted their account, but I'm gonna assume it is. ImCreeping Death hasn't played League in 2+ years.

  3. The bloody nose girl and her found family fight off transdimensional creatures while she screams at everything.

  4. Basically, remove every thought you have about Blue Wizards in regards to Rings of Power, because they don't have the rights to them. The Blue Wizards are only in The Silmarillion and the Unfinished Tales. They can't make stories about them, they can't name them, and they can't make up characters similar to them that do them justice... it's not happening.

  5. They can have them, in a sense that they can have two individuals dressed in blue using magic who might be identified as Istari.

  6. I mean, sure, if they want to skirt licensing and make up a couple of wizards... they can... but it won't BE the Blue Wizards, you feel me? It won't adapt them, give more content to them, or anything. And that's what needs to be understood only. We can wonder about characters already in the show or from the material they can adapt, but pondering characters they can't add is gonna leave you disappointed when they never make an appearance, cause they, themselves, can't... maybe a comparable character, but not that character, especially not a "canon" version.

  7. Major websites are filled with this awful Div soup... it's so ugly as a developer, but if it works... the user don't care.

  8. Before Checking: I'm pretty sure he is an actual native... so I believe he was in the episode where Pru and Cole go to the past of the ghost town Victor was gonna buy...

  9. Both are amazing... Ragnarok just has more content, so it has more opportunity to show off.

  10. She has a similar face shape to the character model but like, no similar roles in her wheelhouse. I can’t see it either.

  11. I mean... if you're trying to emulate the game characters.... then just use Danielle Bisutti at that point... she already has the voice, emotions, and appearance of Freya. Her Mocap was phenomenal.

  12. No thanks... she's been great in certain things, but... I don't see her as Freya at all.

  13. If you're trying to censor Arcane for someone else, like children, don't even bother showing them the show at that point...

  14. I guess it is cool to dodge stuff, but it otherwise was really just "comedic" in nature... just watching clips of her using it, and it just always has some sort of funny aspect to it. I kinda forget she has it except that she used it to kill that one dude in the alternate timeline.

  15. I occasionally put my hands up to blow things up...

  16. In what world does Karma get corrected to Marmalade?

  17. Glad someone else asked.... Cassiopeia is another, as it is a constellation, therefore shouldn't be corrected either.

  18. I need some hard "what-ifs" for this. The worse case scenario if "Google" loses... I'm just trying to grasp my head around this because I live to Moderate... And most moderators also have Discord's they moderate.... I feel like this must apply to Discord too.

  19. Yes, you need to restart often if you're swapping between users a bunch as your phone gets hot from the battery overworking I guess. I try to swap as little as possible... as long as I turn off my phone so often, it is otherwise fine...

  20. Rose... she might be the newest character in existence, but I really like her... She's got powers!

  21. I vote for them making each character's base perks forced, and then everyone must choose 1 or 2 other perks to fill the remaining slots. This way you remove meta perk builds that every character runs and instead can balance on the individual level.

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