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  1. I mean, I know we are coping here, but just cause the monsters use D&D names doesn't mean the show is about D&D. It's just all neat references, like the spiky shield... that's a cool reference.

  2. Shit Take. In the context of REAL people, YES, you should never use their dead name past, present, or future... but you can't apply REAL to FICTION. It just doesn't fucking make sense in the context of Season 1 and 2.

  3. In the real world this is exactly the same. Someone used to be called x, they changed their name to y. There are 0 problems talking about the person in the past tense with the name they used to run with, as this was a factually true thing then.

  4. The only time it is okay to use a REAL persons deadname is explaining who you are talking about, specifically explaining their transition to those who aren't aware. There is no past tense that is appropriate to use a deadname.

  5. When I play him, I use either Hellpriest for the Voice Lines or Chatterer.

  6. Strange... I watched it fullscreen and saw it...

  7. The beginning and end of Season 2 literally showed them all at peak power... and then they were all nerfed at other times, with exception of Five. The fact they all start doing hand to hand combat against Sparrows was extremely... lacking.

  8. The Mind Flayer was so much scarier.... breaking down rats to create a fleshy form... then breaking down PEOPLE to make an even bigger fleshy form... shit was horrifying. Like, yeah, Vecna's kills are terrifying and gross... but if any of the gang saw the people melt like that, they'd be even more terrified...

  9. In the flashback when Reggie found the portal it first just showed as a big invisible cube, and i thought it was how Reggie discovered Chris.

  10. Nah, he made Oblivion Hotel long before the children... if he had found Chris there, he would've been an Umbrella too.

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