1. In theory that will still slow the freezing as it reduces the rate that heat can leave the water

  2. thank you, if you think someone shouldn't be let out of jail after being arrested of a crime, then they shouldn't be allowed out if they can pay $1000 either. Bail is not the issue.

  3. I mean in theory that is how it works already. There are crimes that we think people shouldn't be let out of jail after being arrested for, and we don't set bail for those crimes. But I think it's as it should be that that's only for the most heinous crimes/most obvious flight risks because you don't want to lock people up before they're convicted.

  4. I was confused about this headline. Petri dishes are not big and are used for lab experiments.

  5. Think they are saying more like "it's an ideal growth medium" for corruption

  6. The long drive and possession by the offense was so foreign to me watching the giants the past few years…amazing

  7. Yeah that was one of the most exciting things about this whole game - that drive had me shaking. Watching us start at the 8 yard line or whatever it was and go all the way down the field and score without any big plays, just seriously good, consistent football, was incredible. And then when Barkley broke that long run later on I could have cried

  8. ">It is very difficult to be self critical. It is hard to accept personal responsibility let me tell you how this is YOUR fault." Lol

  9. It sounds like it is their fault though. If you're teaching a hard class it's pretty much a given that your evaluations will be worse than those of professors teaching easy classes. But like it or not, there are classes where the material is just straight-up harder. And I don't think it should be left to the students to unilaterally decide the fate of a professor based on how well they think he's teaching a subject that they don't even know themselves

  10. The fact that this is even possible was an observational proof of general relativity. A physicist called Eddington led an expedition to take measurements during a solar eclipse, which allowed observations of stars behind the sun while looking to it. Probably not super practical the rest of the time though.

  11. Excellent article on the impact of the Eddington expedition on the history of science and the WW1 politics of the time

  12. At this point I would start calling admissions offices if you want to get an update. It's pretty late in the game, can't hurt to give them a ring

  13. I'm not an admissions committee member or anything, but I would think they know why you're rejecting their offer - because you got in somewhere else that works better for you. It happens every year with more than 50% of the people they admit. I don't think they're gonna take it personally at all. I don't think it's even necessary to give a reason, I'd just say something like, "Thanks a lot for the offer - unfortunately, I am going to turn it down." If you have to give a reason, maybe just say that you got into a school that's a slightly better fit for you. They'll understand.

  14. I would apply to more programs. 3 usually isn’t enough to guarantee an acceptance. I consider myself a competitive applicant and I applied to 9 programs, only 2 interviewed me and I just got an offer from one of them and withdrew from the other after accepting that offer. Not only are applicant pools really competitive these days, but it can also be a total crap shoot. Increase your odds with more applications.

  15. And by the way if the reason you didn't apply to many was financial, there are waivers available for people who need them at most schools. And even if you don't qualify for them, there's still a good number of schools with no fees, and at least in my field (astronomy), it seems like programs outside the US where faculty are advertising a single opening for a specific project don't tend to have fees.

  16. I would basically cover who you are, what you are applying for, why you're interested in the project, and why you in particular are a good fit for the project.

  17. I applied to astro PhDs at Illinois and Santa Cruz, haven't heard anything back from either

  18. Hey, hi, will you please update here once you hear back from any of them? Thank you.

  19. Yeah, I might not remember but if I do then sure

  20. If the deadline is March 31 then why would it be too late?

  21. Not necessarily, I applied to 15 schools and only paid anything for 7. Certain departments waive the fee for everyone and others can be waived if you did an REU or similar program. Plus there's also need-based waivers

  22. i would email them and see if it’s possible to get an extension for the decision

  23. That and contact the admissions offices at Duke and Columbia, let them know that you have an offer that you need to respond to soon, and ask them if they can tell you anything about the status of your application.

  24. I don't think there's anything worth killing yourself over, but certainly not this (and I agree that seeking professional help is something that'd be worth trying). First of all, the grad school application process is incredibly competitive. Just because you didn't get in (and you haven't even gotten rejected yet!) doesn't mean you're not good at what you do. I know multiple people personally who got rejected on their first try at grad school and are now doing good research as grad students today. So if you really want to do this, take this as one setback in the process and try again next semester, or next year.

  25. do you have any suggestions on how to find more research experiences post-bacc? everything i’m finding are just summer programs

  26. Have you talked to professors in your department? If you explain that you want to go to grad school but didn't get in this cycle, they might have funding for you to work in their group for a year (or at least let you work with them part-time for no pay, if that's viable for you financially). I've seen it happen with at least 2 people from my school

  27. I applied to Scripps too, haven't heard anything yet.

  28. Nice username, also it's a website where people post any contact/acceptance/rejection/info they get from grad programs they applied to. I personally have not used it but recommend staying away because it seems to destroy the mental health of everyone who does, lol

  29. Great attitude, wishing you 6 acceptances this spring!

  30. Really sorry to hear that. There's not much I can say except that life throws shit at you sometimes, and it sucks. Especially when it's bad timing like it is for you. But for all the trials you go through, you come out better for them. That will happen with you. Good luck bouncing back and if you can't get applications in this cycle, colleges aren't going anywhere

  31. This is why it pays to procrastinate, I've only been waiting like a month. Haha

  32. It's not legally binding but you shouldn't do it. As the other commenter said, you are taking away a spot from someone else when you do this, and to my understanding, there's also no guarantee it won't follow you in your early career.

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