1. Lol I was dying laughing trying to figure out if that’s his real hand or is it a fake hand? 😂😂

  2. I think it's someone else's hand tbh 😂 real hand but not his 😂😂

  3. I got the hybrid yesterday and it deffo slaps like good RSO, applicator made it easy as fuck to drop a blob on a Kafta burger discreetly 🥹🤘

  4. BET I was traveling to CO for buisness and missed that first time round I saw it I'll DEFINITELY have to snag some when it restocks.

  5. I GOOBER SMILE almost everytime I look at the "menu's" and sale ads.......haha

  6. Wake, bake, shop online, goober smile, skate to dispo. My new fave way to start the day 🤣

  7. I would go BR personally. I think the muse line has fallen off. I used to buy so much of it and something has changed. Is even recommend their shatter now over live budder/resin

  8. It's CRC'd to death the same concentrate then post processed to various consistencies for marketing purposes.

  9. I’m in no way trying to support trulieve but All Sanctuary concentrates are ethanol which I stay away from

  10. For sure, I'm planning to get a rosin press soon I really want to smash some witch doctor flower from sanctuary 🥵🥹

  11. Applicator was hella clutch to drop a blob on a burger that got me s t o n e d! Definitely going to get more

  12. At the time it was $25 debit out the door at 30% off. Had I waited till the afternoon I believe it would have been 50% off like everything at sanctuary in the afternoons. Too stoned to remember further detail I'll try to find the receipt in a bit

  13. Please try sanctuary if you can I regret spending any money at trulieve since I started going to sanctuary

  14. The crumble and liquid shatter from sanctuary has LEGS and is 50% off on the reg $30/g and is 10x better than any of that CRC'd to death nonsense muse puts out for trulieve imo 😅🤣

  15. Is this a bad time to say I'm getting out of the hobby and have lightly used vkb HOTAS 🤣

  16. They will show you the COAs you can scan the QR on sanctuary packaging and it pulls up the coa

  17. I’d probably get a “Florida Man” headline with my luck. LMAO 🤣

  18. Cops also have lots of geography to keep them busy I've been smashing around on my gt on the streets for weeks!

  19. Hahahah no I definitely have dibs on that first lol I was stationed here for ages I earned the first one 🤣

  20. Oooor get a bunch of good crumble from sanctuary and a pizza for the same price with money left over 🤣

  21. Good crumble from sanctuary? They must be sending it all to your store because the one by me has nothing but crap

  22. The last time I went to TL this happened, and the woman checking people in literally told me I was lying… haven’t been back since.

  23. Try sanctuary they are hella legit their crumble is what TL's CRC'd to death jar cost more than the product 'muse' line: Wishes it could be.

  24. I just tried sanctuary crumble… good grief it put me out

  25. The liquid shatter is life shattering lol witch doctor is worth a try!

  26. Sanctuary on Edgewood has the knowledge and the goods, I be hanging out in there all the time just telling people how good the crumble and liquid shatter is

  27. Yes and everyone gets a trophy...

  28. It's good crumble too not CRCd to death racy high muse bullshit

  29. Sanctuary shark bite had me cleaning my whole ass front and back yard. They have 50% off every day you can grab an 1/8th for $15 and see for your self. Heck if you do message me and I'll send you my refferal code

  30. I can't believe this is blurred out. We're saying that an entire species is unsafe for children to see lol

  31. No that's not it. It's just unsafe for the children to view this entire species: while they are at work

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