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  1. slaps roof “You can realign so many chakras with this bad boy”

  2. Nothing to worry about when you let Jesus take the wheel

  3. Just keep practicing parry and dodging, learn how to avoid going down and you’ll be fine

  4. Supermassive is better than fired up, even with fire perks/stats

  5. Maybe for ronin specifically. My assassin runs 81% fire damage and 45% duration. 0% gwd. Purple kunai with hidden blades and fired up is comparable to supermassive but the damage isn't up front.

  6. May be comparable, but the extra power for crowd control and stopping attacks on supermassive still wins out imo

  7. We can't open cary in Florida tho... idk any of the other states.

  8. In SC anyone with a concealed weapons permit is able to open carry

  9. The state law that allows open carry by ccw was just implemented a year or two ago. It’s basically the only permit needed to legally carry a gun in any manner

  10. Just wanted to point out that this isn’t a tradeline or revolving credit, so it doesn’t really do that much to build credit, for those wondering. Overall, it has the ability to harm your credit (nonpayment) more than it helps.

  11. Like when I eat over the sink so I don’t have to get a plate and then a big piece falls in.

  12. That’s why I always keep the sink clean enough to eat out of

  13. The archers are actually shouting “dosho”

  14. Assassin is the weakest class for a fire build, but at minimum you’d want Forbidden medicine for black powder bombs and munitions on GW2.

  15. Why would i buy from a local business that probably pays its workers less and charges me double?

  16. 5 resolve + soothing breath is best

  17. lol and yet only 2 weeks to quit completely.

  18. 2 weeks is just a courtesy. You can stop showing up at any point

  19. “I’d be glad to bag toxic items with your food. It’s my pleasure.”

  20. Seems like you could benefit from increasing game brightness and hdr brightness

  21. 2.15 update added an in-game block button shortcut that uses the PS blocklist feature. Tell me where on

  22. ..cock...a doodle doo...I can sing too. Oh my what's that in the sky? It looks like a huge....

  23. “Woody! Woody Harrelson? Can I have your autograph?” Woody: “Sure, no problem. Oh my lord, look at that thing.” “It’s so big!” Woody: “No, I’ve seen bigger. That’s…”

  24. Consider Change GW dmg to CD reduction on kill on caltrop. I think your build is good fire dmg so more caltrop use makes more kill.

  25. I think gw damage is better to make the spirit kunai more effective to proc more. Cooldown for caltrops less important

  26. One thing I don't like about the samurai in general is how useless the regular bow feels , I may try using one of the bows in my build I wanna work on.

  27. The bow is mainly used to build resolve with reload speed and headshot refund

  28. Most people don’t care about the challenges because the additional rewards for them are already the most abundant resources given out like candy on Halloween. If the rewards for it were honor, maybe it’d be different. Also, fully leveled players don’t care about bonus rewards.

  29. The only time I bother with them is when I’m soloing or speedrunning. Skilled players generally don’t need barrels to turn the tide in matchmaking. If other players want to set them up, that’s fine

  30. Imagine getting crossed up by someone called blobfish

  31. Fun fact, when people need to pull a bullshit number out of their ass, they almost always say 90%. Now that you are aware, Watch how many times you see it in daily discourse.

  32. What blocking actually does -

  33. That is interesting and good to know. Thank you for sharing this information.

  34. Common misinformation that has been continually spread in PS game communities for years. 2.15 added an in-game shortcut to the PS block feature, but it does not prevent matchmaking. Idk why the game devs stated otherwise

  35. Hot springs nudity let’s gooo

  36. I know almost nothing about driving but isn't the left lane supposed to be the fastest lane ? If so then wth is the truck doing on this lane ?

  37. In some (all?) US states, on two lane highways large commercial trucks are advised to be in the left lane so as to not impede traffic entering/exiting the highway.

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